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Northwoods Spotlight - Medford First Grade Badger Fans 12-26 Submitted: 12/26/2012
MEDFORD - On New Year's Day, the Wisconsin Badgers will face the Stanford Cardinal in the Rose Bowl.

Without a doubt - thousands of Badger fans in the Northwoods will be rooting for Buckey.

You can add a Medford first grade class in that group.

Roxy Robida actually taught Badgers defensive lineman Ethan Hemer when he was in first grade at Medford Area Elementary School.
The two have stayed in touch. In fact, Hemer will periodically make a visit to the first grade class.

This year, Roxy and her class made a youtube video to show their Badger support.

The kids also made signs. They are getting ready for New Year's Day.

To view the video, click ont he link below.

Medford Area Elementary's video for Ethan Hemer
Written By: Joe Dufek

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