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Fire Kills Cattle, Levels Barn Submitted: 07/02/2012
Harrison - A barn fire killed three cattle on a farm south of Antigo last night.

We may have had a good share of rain the last few weeks, but that doesn't protect flammable material inside barns.

The fire that broke out last night in the town of Harrison is still smoldering.

Farmer Randy Chrudimski and his crew were unloading hay bales into the upper level of the barn around 5 o'clock last night. That's when one of the workers noticed smoke. "About 15 minutes from when we first saw smoke. By the time we got the calves out it was fully engulfed. Fifteen minutes," says Randy Chrudimski, a Dairy Farmer in Harrison.

It took fire departments from the towns of Elton and Birnamwood about half an hour to get there, and nearly seven hours to get the fire under control.

None of the workers were hurt, but they did lose a few young calves.

"We started chasing the smaller ones out and three decided they didn't want to come out and they went back in. They perished," says Chrudimski.

The entire barn, a loafing shed and three silos are destroyed. Nearly 8,000 bales of hay burned in the fire, and are still smoking on the property.

Chrudimski said a hay elevator is the only thing he can think of that might have caused the fire.

Written By: Lyndsey Stemm

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