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Mole Lake Stabbing Case Moves Forward For Five Suspects Submitted: 04/11/2012
Crandon - The five people charged in an alleged gang-related stabbing in Mole Lake did not have their cases dismissed in court Wednesday.

Forest County Circuit Court Judge Leon Stenz heard testimony for over three hours.

Witnesses included the Wausau man who was allegedly beaten and stabbed by the five men back in February, as well as the doctor and officers who followed up on the incident. Although all five lawyers asked Stenz to dismiss the charges, he said there is enough evidence to go ahead with the case.

The five men charged are Jesse Daniels, Preston Krusensterna, Dakota Tuckwab, Melvin Zarda and Craig McGeshick.

They're each charged with five felonies, including attempted homicide.

Their alleged victim said on the stand he drove up from Wausau to meet them to get money they owed to a friend for a car.

But it didn't go as planned.

"I was asking them to stop and I was screaming for help. I was fighting for my life, pretty much," the witness said. "I was bleeding all over. I wasn't paying attention to anything, I was just trying to make it."

"He [McGeshick] made a comment to the effect that they were supposed to beat his ass and send him home," said Captain Jeff Marvin of the Forest County Sheriff's Department. " [And] that it got out of hand."

Krusensterna's lawyer, Joel Hirschhorn, tried to cast doubts on parts of the alleged victim's story, asking him during questioning if he was the money collector for a gang.

"When a witness tells me he doesn't know what a snitch is, it tells me he's being economical with the truth," Hirschhorn said. "I also think he's confused two of the defendants, as to who did what."

"I do not believe this was part of a drug deal," said district attorney Chuck Simono. "Everything I've heard from my investigators so far, everything is leaning toward the consistent testimony which we've heard about the car. Granted things do change, but right now I see nothing to do with drugs."

The gallery was crowded, and at one point Stenz threatened to close it down because of heckling.

Simono said the witnesses held up well despite the pressure.

Future court dates are set for late April and early May.

Simono said he expects to make a plea agreement with at least one of the suspects.

Written By: Lex Gray

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