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Treasure Hunters Gather For Easter Hunt in Boulder Submitted: 04/07/2012
Rhinelander - Boulder Junction was invaded with treasure hunters today for the 5th annual Easter cache hunt.

"It's kind of like a treasure hunt; a high-tech treasure hunt that you do with your hand-held GPS," says Theresa Smith, Executive Director of the Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce.

Geocaching is a worldwide phenomenon taking travelers and local communities by storm. "Coordinates are placed into the GPS, where the caches are located, and you can go out into the woods or the city; they have them too," says Smith.

Communities, organizations and private individuals place a container with a small prize in it for geocachers to find, and then post the coordinates on And for some of Saturday's participants, geocaching is a regular adventure.

"All over the country. We've done it up in Canada, we've done it in Montana. Next week I'm going to Italy; I hope to find some," says Dan Reithmier, from Rockford, IL.

Saturday's Easter cache hunt is a holiday specific geocaching adventure, sponsored by the Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce.

"We place 12 Easter themed caches with eggs in buckets throughout our winter park here in Boulder Junction. And people will go out and collect eggs, bring them back and total their scores," says Smith.

Some of the younger treasure hunters had an edge because of their familiarity with the technology.

"Basically you just have to try and get the most numbers. On each egg there's numbers," says Gary Buchert, 10 years old, from Boulder Junction.

"He went through the course probably one and a half times, where I was able to get through half of the course and kinda gave up," says Gary's Mom, Nikki Kassien.

As with Saturday's event, worldwide geocaching isn't as much about what's in the cache, as where it takes you.

"We get into places geocaching that we never would have gone to had we not been chasing a cache," says Reithmier.

"They're in really cool spots that you don't necessarily know about," says Smith.

And for Easter weekend, a chance to have an adventure with the family is what's it's all about.

If you'd like to see what's out there to find in your area, please see the link below.

Geocashing Website
Written By: Lyndsey Stemm

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