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Northwoods Communications Get Upgrade Submitted: 04/05/2012
Three Lakes - Three Lakes is calling it the beginning of a new technological era. Not only for the town, but potentially for the future of all similar towns in the Northwoods.

Back in 2008, only about 30-percent of the Three Lakes population had access to more than one internet provider, bringing a public outcry for better options.

Since 2011, that number has almost tripled says Don Sidlowski, Town Chairman of Three Lakes. "We went after those providers. We started aggressively, and proactively, seek other providers and say Three Lakes has the kind of customers that you want and we'll help you get those customers." By bringing the consumer to the provider, the Town Board, Town Action Group, and others were able to improve both coverage and choice.

But it won't stop there according to Sadlowski. "We won't be satisfied until 100 percent of everybody who lives here, they don't have to take it, but we want them to have the ability to choose high speed choices if it's important to them to stay connected."

Nicknamed the "Anchor for Technology" in the Northwoods, Sidlowski anticipates other communities will be able to follow in Three Lakes' footsteps.

Bringing a network of towns together, and providing an essential link in economic development. "Not just in techonology, but then in job creation, job development. That is what the economic development is all about. How do we make our town better, how do we diversify our local economy beyond the tourism, on which its relied upon for the last fifty years? So those collaborations bring opportunities, they allow us to bring businesses."

The developments so far have only completed phase one of their plans. Soon, upgrades in service to 4G wireless will become available.

Written By: Ryan Michaels

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