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Preventing The Spread of Disease Submitted: 04/04/2012
Rhinelander - As we continue our special series this week on public health we take a look at preventing the spread of diseases around the Northwoods.

Disease is an illness or infection which you can catch from a variety of sources ranging from a deer tick to a sick co-worker.

Dawn Van Den Heuvel is a Public Health Nurse and says certain times of year pose a bigger risk for catching diseases than others, "Lyme's of course is really big in the summer and other tick borne type diseases. Then some of your water diseases." Van Den Heuvel says you can slow or stop the spread by washing your hands, staying home when you're sick and taking the full dose of antibiotics your doctor prescribes.

But for other diseases you should be aware of what you're putting into your body, "Barbequing, grilling is coming up. Make sure the spatula that you use to put the raw hamburger on the grill is exchanged for a clean spatula to take the cooked hamburger off the grill and basic things like that."

Also to avoid tick borne diseases in the woods Van Den Heuvel recommends long pants tucked into your socks and using a tick repellant.

And Van Den Heuvel says new tick diseases are beginning to sprout up so you should check with your doctor if you've noticed an infected tick bite.

Written By: Michael Crusan

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