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Santorum Campaigns at Dale's Weston Lanes Submitted: 03/31/2012
Weston - As Tuesday's primary draws nearer, the Republican presidential hopefuls are spreading their messages across the state.

And as Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney focus their attention on southern and western Wisconsin, Rick Santorum heads north.

Freedom signs were held high and cheers were loud as Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum took the stage at a banquet hall in Weston Friday night. For some voters, Santorum's religious and social values were their top priotity.

Weston resident Jeanne Binder said his family values and the fact that's he's pro-life is why she's voting for him on Sunday.

But for other voters, attending Friday's event was a way to become more informed about the candidates.

Katie McElhaney said she attended the event to become more educated.

"I think is very important before you cast your ballot. Figure out why you're here, why you're voting, basic information," McElhaney said.

Speaking in front of 200 people in a private room at Dale's Weston Lanes, the Former Pennsylvania Senator touched on key national issues and attacked President Obama for infridnging on the rights of Americans.

Rick Santorum said "Imposing government will on you and your economic decisions and your religious decisions."

Joined by his wife and two children, Santorum critisized Obama's healthcare plan as well and attacked opponent Mitt Romney for instilling a similar plan while governor of Massachusettes.

"I don't know a worse Republican in this country who would be a weaker candidate on this issue that Mitt Romney," Santorum said.

While greeting supporters and signing autographs after his speech, Newswatch 12 interviewed him about pressing issues relating to Wisconsin.

And amid the heated recall of Governor Scott Walker, Santorum was quick to defend him.

"You have a situation with Republican and employee unions where they are in an unfair bargaining position. The federal government recognizes that. We don't allow federal employees to negaotiate wages and benefits. Governor Walker is standing up for what's the best interest of the tax payers of this state," said Santorum.

Santorum finished off the night bowling several games, mingling with supporters and munching on cheese curds.

Written By: Jenn Sullivan

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