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Investigation Into Shooting Involving Vilas County Sheriff's Deputy Submitted: 07/27/2011
Vilas County - Vilas County Deputy Sheriff Ty Peterson is a 12-year veteran with the department and the Vilas County Sheriff's Department says he allegedly shot a 20-year-old female relative Monday night.

Vilas County Sheriff Frank Tomlanovich says he's never encountered an incident like this during his law enforcement career.

Tomlanovich says Peterson was doing chores around the house when he thought he was being attacked by a cougar, one which Peterson had seen earlier in the day. Tomlanovich says it looks like a practical joke that went terribly wrong.

"He'll be either eligible to return to work or should some other action be necessary, we'll take those steps," Tomlanovich says.

The Oneida County Sheriff's Department is handling the criminal investigation.

Tomlanovich says he believes the investigation will be turned over to the district attorney for any potential charges next week.

Tomlanovich says Deputy Peterson is the department's K-9 officer and has a clean record with the department.

Written By: Matt Doyle

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