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Marshfield Clinic Breaks Ground on Affordable Dental Center Submitted: 06/16/2011
Rhinelander - If you don't like the sound of a dentist drill, maybe it will sound sweeter if it saves on your travels and in your check books.

The Marshfield Clinic Rhinelander Dental Center will provide affordable dental work and bring care to people who have access barriers, such as insurance coverage.

For example, if you are in poverty and apply to the center's Sliding Fees Program, each visit will cost you 10 dollars.
If your income is one-and-a-half times poverty you can receive a 75 percent discount.

Also, if you fall between one-and-a-half to 2 times the poverty level with your income, you will get a 50 percent discount.

Greg Nycz is the Executive Director for the Family Health Center of Marshfield and says there is a tremendous need in Wisconsin for dental care in an affordable and local location. "Many people will travel many miles. We have some people coming two hundred and fifty miles, one way, for care and they are driven by pain. And our goal is to avoid that pain."

A goal put together by many people like Rhinelander Mayor Dick Johns.

He tells us how it all started. "About 16 to 18 months ago a gentleman came into the mayors office. The gentleman was a retired dentist in the city of Rhinelander, and he said to me, 'Mr. Johns something has to be done', and I said, 'you stopped in the right office'."

The plans were for a dental center to be put in Rhinelander and to provide services like general dentistry and oral surgery care for the whole community and that goal is being realized.

"It's going to be a nice facility for the community," says Mayor Johns.

The new facility will be more than 16,000 square feet and have five dentists, two oral surgeons, and five dental hygienists on staff ready to clean your pearly whites.

It will be located across from Ministry Hospital in Rhinelander, on Shore Street.

Construction is expected to be completed by this coming winter and according to Mayor Johns, seeing patients by January.

Written By: Ryan Michaels

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