What We're Working On Submitted: 03/22/2017

- Tonight on Newswatch 12:

Several places in the Wausau area are on lockdown following reports of gunfire and injuries in the area. We'll take you there live and give you the latest information.

This April, school districts in both Wabeno and Tomahawk will try to pass referendums. Tonight, we talk to the Wabeno Superintendent about their proposal and discuss why Wisconsin has had better success passing referendums in the last decade or so.

And we'll show you how Northwoods students at Nicolet College participated in a financial version of March Madness.

We'll bring you the details on these stories and more tonight on Newswatch 12 - news from where you live.

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UPDATE: Two injured in Wausau-area shooting Submitted: 03/22/2017

UPDATE: Two people were hurt in what police think was a domestic situation in the Wausau area Wednesday afternoon.

The Rothschild Police Department said in a press release officers were called to the Marathon Savings Bank on E. Grand Avenue around 12:30 p.m.

Officers responding to the scene found two people who had apparently been shot.  The suspect left the scene before police got there.

Several police departments from Marathon County responded to the scene.  The Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation has been called in for assistance.

This story will be updated.

Reports of gunfire and injuries has put several places in the Wausau area on lockdown.

The Wausau Police Department is asking people to avoid the 1100 block of Grand Ave in Rothschild.

Newswatch 12 has a reporter at Marathon Savings Bank in Schofield.

The entire parking lot of the bank has been taped off.

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Northwoods students participated in a day long Finance Challenge Bowl at Nicolet College Submitted: 03/22/2017

RHINELANDER - Northwoods students participated in a Financial version of March Madness.

Three high schools came together to compete In the Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl today at Nicolet College.

This was the 5th annual Rhinelander Northwoods Regional Tournament.

The goal of the competition was to increase financial literacy around the state.

"This is my first quiz bowl so it was really nerve racking going in.I didn't know what to expect, but then I got in there and it was pretty chill and relaxing, then it was just really fun [and the] the adrenaline was rushing," said Rhinelander High School senior Miranda Koth.

Rhinelander, Three Lakes and Bowler High School participated in today's event.

 Six teams from those three schools entered the competition.

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Plover police looking for missing woman Submitted: 03/22/2017

PLOVER - Police hope to find a Plover woman who disappeared last week.

Krista M. Sypher, 44, was last seen March 13.  She lives on Hoffman Drive in the Village of Plover.  She did not take her car.

Sypher's cell phone has been off since she disappeared and she has not contacted family or friends.

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Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum 2017 National Medal Finalist Submitted: 03/21/2017

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WAUSAU - The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum brings artists from around the world to Wausau. 
Now, it's is in the running for a major award from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

It's all about the way the museum it serves our part of the state. 

Kathy Kelsey Foley considers it a privilege to be the director of the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. 

"I love my job, I love coming to work, I love what we do," said Foley.

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Four receive prison terms after Forest County drug investigation Submitted: 03/21/2017

FOREST COUNTY - Last August, police arrested four people in an investigation of drug trafficking in Forest County.

The case involved methamphetamine and prescription drugs.

Now all four have been sentenced to prison.

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Magic Paper Boxes help the environment while raising money for a new handicapped park in Merrill Submitted: 03/21/2017

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MERRILL - The Merrill Noon Optimist Club will use Magic Paper Boxes to fundraise for a handicapped accessible park.

 The boxes allow the city to keep trash out of landfills and keep money in the community. 

The garbage hauling and recycling company IRO placed six boxes around Merrill and teamed up with the Optimist Club to make this happen.

IRO takes the recyclable paper, and in return it gives the Optimist Club money for the park.

"I'm a small business owner and Central Wisconsin is my home. I'm really proud to be a part of this. 

You're not going to get this kind of stuff out of a big corporation, so we're happy to be here," said IRO owner Cory Tomszyk. 

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Local firefighters participate in the Third Annual NYC Memorial Climb Submitted: 03/21/2017

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MINOCQUA - On Sunday four Minocqua firefighters stepped foot in New York to participate in the Third Annual NYC Memorial Stair climb.

The four Minocqua Firefighters ascended 72 stories in World Trade Center Four to honor the 343 emergency responders who gave their lives on 9/11.

Minocqua Volunteer Firefighters Kyle Ayvazzadeh and brothers Arin and Andrew Alesauskas were proud to take the climb for the second straight year.
But for Kyle Rich this was something new.

"It was overwhelming to be in New York and surrounded by so many people and so many firemen and women. You look up at that building, at the trade center and you realize okay that's a long ways. But I can do it," said Rich.

The climb was much harder than they anticipated.

"You get to floor 30 and you wanna take the elevator," said Rich.

All four climbed the stairs in their full firefighter gear, which includes their helmet, jacket, bibs, boots, gloves and oxygen tanks.

"It was a black out after the 20th floor. It hurt so bad," said Arin.

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Former district attorney starts new business Submitted: 03/21/2017

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EAGLE RIVER - Albert Moustakis spent over 20 years as the Vilas County District Attorney. After spending just a couple months in retirement, he went back to work.

"You don't want to not do anything in retirement," said Moustakis.

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Forensic pathologist: No evidence of stab wounds, strangulation on Low's body Submitted: 03/21/2017

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WAUSAU - For years, we didn't know what happened to Stephanie Low. She disappeared in 2010. It wasn't until 2014 that Kristopher Torgerson led police to her body in Forest County.

As of Tuesday, we still don't know exactly what happened to Low--at least according to scientists, we don't know how she died.

The forensic pathologist who did her autopsy testified in Marathon County Court Low's death was "homicide by unspecified means."

Several witnesses testified last week that Torgerson told them he stabbed and strangled Low, but the autopsy doesn't show that.

Dr. Michael Stier testified Low's body was "moderately decomposed." She was clothed and she had an ID and a key on her. Stier testified Low had a cut likely caused by a blade on the inside of her wrist.

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