Local high school takes extra measures to keep athletes hydrated Submitted: 08/14/2018

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MINOQUA - One local football team takes extra steps to keep its players safe and hydrated.

That's especially important with temperatures in the 80s and 90s.

The Lakeland Union football team practices 3:30 to 6 p.m. most days, the hottest part of the day.

To keep the team cool and drinking waters, the Thunderbirds brought on two managers strictly to handle hydration.

Head Coach Dan Barutha says he makes sure he only runs a few drills in between water breaks, especially when the players are in shoulder pads.

"We'll have water running between drills and during practice so we've had to make sure we take care of our guys too," Barutha said. "We've talked to them about hydration."

The managers drive a golf cart on the field so the players don't have to run very far for water.

The managers keep all bottles, jugs and hoses full at all times.

"I know that in other sports at Lakeland, we have had people pass out because they weren't properly hydrated," said football manger Asucena Boyer. "So I think the coaches have done a really good job making sure that we are prepared to help them with that."

The high school football season kicks off this Friday and temperatures will still remain in the high 80s.

Story By: Mazie Vincent

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ANTIGO - One of Antigo volleyball's most valuable assets isn't a player--it's a machine that makes the players better.

"It's obviously very intimidating at first just because it's something we've never seen before," Antigo's Alayna Weix said.

Antigo purchased the Total Attack 3 two years ago, hoping to find a way to better prepare defensive players for conference matches.

"It kind of gives the girls the opportunity to practice all possible serves," head coach Jesse Knetter said.

So far, the Red Robins have found the Total Attack valuable enough to use at almost every practice. One of the things Antigo loves about it is its versatility. The Total Attack has speed settings that fire balls faster for a power serve or slower for a float serve.

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TOMAHAWK - Six years ago, Tori Stevens of Tomahawk died at just 11 years old. Since then, an annual benefit night at Tori's favorite place helps fight the disease that took her life.

"You can't ever really forget anything about her," said Tori's best friend Makenzie Werner. "She was super nice, super friendly and always there."

People at Tomahawk Speedway certainly felt Tori's presence at the Night of 100 Bikes.

"She used to sit here and cheer me on every night," said racer Charles Hedges Jr.

Everyone has fond memories of Tori, the young girl who spent so many summer days at the racetrack before she died in 2012 of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a rare genetic disease.

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WAUSAU - Most area football teams scrimmaged Friday. Phillips is an exception.

The Loggers took on Newman Catholic and Gillett Saturdayin the last round of run-throughs before the season starts Friday.

Phillips is entering its second year playing eight-man football.

The Loggers have relied on a single-wing, misdirection offense to confuse opponents. Head coach Steve Precour sees scrimmages as a valuable asset to getting that offense established.

"Instead of varsity beating up on young guys, we get to go see another varsity club, guys that are equal in playing talent and strength and speed," Precour said. "We see how we match up and what we can change schematically."

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ANTIGO - When people mention taters, potatoes come to mind.

But this weekend, tater tots turned into a Tater Trot.

"The Tater Trot is a long tradition here," said Tater Trot Race Director Melissa Wilhelm.

More than 350 runners took to the streets of Antigo Sunday to race for a sack of potatoes.

And most importantly, to raise money for Antigo High Schools cross country and track teams.

"It helps create a sustainable program too, something that we can draw from and count on to cover expenses and build a program," said Antigo coach Casey Hildebrandt.

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WITTENBERG - High school teams took to the field for scrimmage day across the Northwoods. It's the last tune-up before games start next Friday.

One local team scrimmaged a bit further away than most.

The Tomahawk Hatchets were at Wittenberg-Birnamwood High School, along with fellow conference members Colby, Athens and Wittenberg-Birnamwood.

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ANTIGO - Empty stables, open parking spaces, and a pristine track.

It's the calm before the storm for Shaughn Novy, the woman in charge of the Northwoods Triple Crown.

"We packed the grandstands last year, and we hope to do it again this year and put on a great show," Novy said.

This is Novy's second year of organizing the triple crown, a process that takes longer than most people realize.

"It really takes year-round planning to do an event like this," Novy said.

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MERRILL - Kindergarten-age soccer players took the field in Merrill to run around and learn the game.

They had more fans in the crowd than usual though, as Merrill's high school players showed up to lend their support.

The kids may not know all the rules, and they don't understand the concepts of spacing or attention span yet either.

"Some of them get distracted by puppies or butterflies or whatever's going past them," said Youth Coach Ben Wallace.

But what the kids at Merrill Soccer Association's summer games lack in experience, they make up for in joy.

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RHINELANDER - And finally this evening, the Oneida County Fair brings out some sports that don't get covered very often.
One of those sports? Horseback riding.

The Northwoods Equestrian Drill team put on a show for crowds at the Oneida County Fair Sunday.
This is the team's sixth year performing at the fair.

Rider Desiree French says the bond with her horses goes back much further than that.

"They're part of your family after a while," French said. "You learn how to read them and it's a little difficult because they don't speak English, but once you get there, it's fantastic."

The drill team will perform at the Vilas County fair next weekend.

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FLORENCE - Eight-man football can be a punishing game, but it's a game that Florence High School is much better equipped to play than the regular 11-man version.

"We played 11-man and our enrollment was less than all the eight-man teams that were in the eight-man conference," Florence football coach Kent Walstrom said.

Last year, Florence had to cancel its final three games due to injuries depleting an already thin roster. That left no choice but to make the switch.

"To be honest with you, I think we waited a bit long, but I think the understanding is there with the situation we were faced with last year," Athletic Director Kris Johnson said.

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RHINELANDER - While the Rhinelander football team took the field, the Rhinelander Athletic Booster Club took to the links for a golf scramble.

The annual event at Rhinelander Country Club is the biggest fundraiser of the year, often bringing in more than $10,000

Booster club board member Brandon Karaba has been involved in the event ever since he graduated Rhinelander High School in 2001.

"It's fun to see a lot of the alumni that come back because their parents are still here, so they want to come back and enjoy the event too and give back to a sport that they either played in or have followed their entire career," Karaba said.

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