Deaf Antigo football player to play at Gallaudet Submitted: 01/29/2015

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ANTIGO - An Antigo football player will be heading to a division three college to play quarterback.

The university is a perfect fit for him for more than just for football.

Tony Libit only has 20 percent of his hearing. Soon he will head to Gallaudet University in Washington DC to play football and to become an educator. Gallaudet is a liberal arts college but it is also a school that teaches the deaf and students who are hard of hearing.

"I think it's always kind of been destine, I just never knew it," said Libit.

Libit and his family didn't realize he was 80 % deaf when he was born. Once the family found out they were led to Gallaudet for help.

"I did not find out I was deaf until I was three years old," Libit said. "I was born with it. I was in preschool and they said your son might be deaf. I took the test obviously and I found out I was hard of hearing. They told my mom about a genetic study they were doing at this university."

Growing up Libit participated in a Gallaudet genetic study. Gallaudet help him growing up. But the path that led him to the University wasn't always easy.

"Once I got older, school was kind of difficult, sometimes asking questions to the teacher. I kinda held back," said Libit.

"Assignments had to come home and I can't tell you the countless hours at the kitchen table saying, 'do you understand this let's go through this just to make sure,''' said Libit's Mom Shelly Carani.

Tony's mom knew that individuals with hearing loss can be shy. Shelly's father who was a youth football coach would take Tony to the coffee shop and have Tony introduce himself to strangers. Shelly also didn't allow him to make excuses.

"Not let him just because he missed something or didn't hear something, I said, 'well then you need to go ask them and figured out what they missed," Carani said. "There was no excuse, I said you can be and do whatever you want."

Libit wants to help kids. He wants to help kids become individuals like himself.

"I want to be a teacher you know what I mean, a lot of these kids when they are younger, if they are lost I can guide them, that's what I would love to do,"
Libit said. "I feel like I would be one of those teachers that would connect with those students and really push them to be different and be themselves."

For now Libit will have the opportunity to continue growing in a great environment at Gallaudet University.

"It's going to be an amazing experience, I honestly can't wait," Libit said. "I know kids are going to college. To me this is a new chapter in my life."
For all the kids with hearing loss, Libit carries a positive message."

"If I do meet a kid that does have hearing loss and he is kind of shy and he isn't sure if he wants to branch out, I just him or her to know that like you can really do anything you want to do and you can't just let one thing stop you," said Libit.

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Story By: Nolan Blair

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ANTIGO - First place in the Great Northern Conference could be decided Thursday night in Antigo.

That's where the first place Red Robins will take on the second place Mosinee Indians.

Antigo comes into the game undefeated at 10-0. Mosinee is right on their heels at 9-0-1.

Both teams need a win to maintain control of the conference.

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ANTIGO - Both the Antigo and Mosinee boys' hockey teams played a game for the ages Thursday night.

Both were vying for first place in the Great Northern Conference.

This one did not disappoint.

Antigo's Arin VerHagen chases the puck into the corner.

The pass then goes to a cutting Gavin Bunnell.

He slips it right by the goalie for an early 1-0 lead.

Mosinee, however, also came to play.

They get the puck up top to Matthew Sprink.

It's turned away, but Landon Stepan cleans up the mess.

He ties the game back up at one.

Now it's Antigo's turn.

Red Robins trying to get past the road block by the goal.

Andrew Turunen takes a slap.

It's no good, but Adam Schmidt is right there with the sweet backhand.

Mosinee then takes the ensuing puck drop, and it's Stepan again sneaking one in right away.

2-2 game in the first period alone.

This one lives up to its billing and it ended in a fitting 5-5 tie in overtime.

That means Antigo still holds the edge in the GNC standings.

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Fat Biking in the NorthwoodsSubmitted: 01/28/2015

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WINCHESTER - People of the Northwoods find creative ways to enjoy the outdoors.

The beauty of the Northwoods in the winter can be enjoyed on two wheels. The two wheels are bit bigger on a fat bike than your regular bike wheels. They're big enough to handle the snow on the trails.

"It's awesome to be able to ride a bike in the winter in January on trails, not on the roads not dealing with salt in the woods," said WinMan Trails user Jimmy Vogel.

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THREE LAKES - The one-on-one nature of wrestling sets wrestlers apart from athletes in team sports, such as basketball and football. "There's no one else out on that mat but you--and that makes it all that much more fun when you win, 'cause if you lose, you got nobody to blame but yourself," said Three Lakes Jr. High Coach Joe Fitzpatrick.

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WOODRUFF - Some of last year's hunting rules changes could become permanent.

Many of the new rules were just temporary, but some could stick around.

Last year, Wisconsin's Natural Resources Board allowed temporary rule changes for the season.

Those changes came out of the Deer Trustee Report, but they'll expire this year.

Now, the DNR wants to hear from the public before permanent rules go into effect.

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ASPEN - The Neillsville snowboarder that Newswatch 12 featured this week raced Thursday in the Winter X-Games.
Daina Shilts finished second in first ever Unified Snowboarding dual slalom race at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado.
10 Special Olympic athletes teamed up with 10 winter-x game participants for the snowboard race.
Shilts was paired with 2006 Halfpipe Olympic Gold Medallist Hannah Teter.

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MINOCQUA - A Lakeland Union High School Nordic skier will head to Sweden to compete in the Nations Cup.

Seventeen year-old Mack FitzPatrick will be a part of the United States under-18 team.

FitzPatrick treats Nordic skiing as not only a year-round sport but a lifetime sport.

"Pretty much been skiing my entire life," FitzPatrick said. "I've been on the Lakeland ski team all throughout high school and middle school teams. It's been a part of my life."

He trains hard outside of ski season.

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MERRILL - A Northwoods program wants all kids to stay active.

Special Needs Athletic Playtime or SNAP gives special needs kids in Merrill a chance to run and play with their friends after school.

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THREE LAKES - The Three Lakes football team will look a little different starting in the fall.

That's because they will be playing with 11 players instead of eight.

The school board unanimously approved the decision last week.

The change will put Three Lakes back into the Northern Lakes Conference, which means the Bluejays won't have to travel out of the way just to play football.

They will get to play more local teams like Crandon and Wabeno-Laona.

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WAUSAU - On Thursday, a snowboarder from Neillsville will ride down the slopes in the Winter X-Games in Aspen, Colorado.

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