Wabeno/Laona's Chrisman makes school historySubmitted: 02/13/2016

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WABENO - Somewhere in Wisconsin Friday night, students played a high school basketball game.

Some teams won. Others lost.

And one made history.

Wabeno/Laona's Cooper Chrisman did something no one else has ever done in the schools' history: score 1,000 points before his senior year.

"It's pretty huge," says Cooper. "I mean, I don't even know how to explain it really. It's so surreal right now, just how much work I've put in to finally come to this point. It's something I've always kind of always had in the back of my mind. My brother did it, and I had to go through that. Living in his shadow, kind of, but I don't know. I try not to think about it too much."

It's almost an unwritten rule that, when a player is that close to history, you don't talk about it too much.

That's why, when the head coach of the Rebels, who just also happens to be Cooper's dad Mike, was asked if he was more excited to see a potentially undefeated season, or his son hit a thousand career points, the answer wasn't automatic.

"[Pauses] The undefeated season, definitely," says Mike. "This was a season, this was about five guys on the court. Cooper would be the first one to tell you it's a team sport, and these kids are just as big a part of this as Cooper is."

It all came down to a season finale against conference opponent Three Lakes, with Cooper just 15 points from the mark, but the points wouldn't come right away.

His first shot got blocked.

His next shot falls short.

But then, thanks to precise shooting, and unselfish play from his teammates, it put him one triple away from the record books.

And he nails it.

And there's no better way to score 1,000 points than at home, in the regular season finale, on senior night, against a conference opponent, and with a Northern Lakes Conference title on the line. It's like a story book ending.

"Cooper, [laughs], Cooper is a great kid," says Mike. "You know, he puts a lot of time into it, a lot of sacrifices the past few years, and he's just a great kid. And I'm proud of him. I'm not going to sit here and lie, I'm very proud of him and what he's become as a basketball player."

But that basketball player doesn't want to stop with just one record in his pocket.

"Try to be the leading scorer in both schools," says Cooper. "I think it's like 1,500 or so for Laona."

And who's to say he can't get another record?

Story By: Dan Marz

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RHINELANDER - Rhinelander needed a win Thursday to stay within reach of the GNC throne.

The Hodags certainly did their part.

Luke Roberts isn't afraid of a hand in the face.

He kisses the shot off the glass, extending Rhinelander's lead.

Hodags looking again.

The pass is picked by Medford's Garrett Sommer, but the Hodags' Adam Mueller uses the Dwyane Wade-esque chase down block.

Owen White helped the team by getting big in the paint.

The left handed finish helps sink the Raiders.

They take this one 62-46.

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ANTIGO - Antigo will flap their wings straight into the playoffs as a number two seed.

The had their regular season finale against Mosinee Thursday.

A fight on the boards for the puck, and Antigo gets it into the open.

Tyler Husnick comes free, but Mosinee's Zach Bednar tests the hamstrings on a great stretch.

On the answer drive, Mosinee again battling Antigo on the boards.

Ben Bartletti loses the puck behind the net.

Bryce Graveen feeds Landon Stepan for the easy-looking goal.

Antigo scores the retaliation goal just second later, and the scoring kept pouring in from there.

Antigo ends their regular season on a high note, with a 9-1 win.

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TOMAHAWK - Seniors on the Tomahawk football team made an impression on the field last fall. The Hatchets made the playoffs for the first time since 2007 and advanced further than any other Northwoods team.

Now, two Tomahawk seniors will look to continue that success on the college level.

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RHINELANDER - The Rhinelander boys played at home Saturday.

They hosted Merrill Blue Jays.

Both teams showing some pretty good defense early.

Merrill goalie Bryce Broeking stops the onetimer and the rebound shot with a great stretch.

Then the whole Blue Jay team gets in on the shot blocking a few minutes later.

Kade Kennedy is blocked, as are both of Henry Kipper's shots with a pretty good effort by the Blue Jays.

Their team defense may have been the difference tonight.

Merrill wins 4-2.

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EAGLE RIVER - You could see a lot of Great Northern Conference action in hockey Saturday.

The Antigo Red Robins are on top of the standings.

Their battle with Northland Pines was rescheduled to Saturday from earlier in the week.

They're tied at ones late in the first period.

Pines has trouble clearing the puck with a flock of Red Robins swarming their offensive ice.

Andrew Turunen corrals it, and Ben Jansen comes free.

Textbook hockey there.

Very little you can do to defend that if you're Eagles goalie Ethan Polich.

Still before the second period when Alex Nagel is met by three Pines defenders.

He finds TJ Ebert in the middle of the zone.

The shot is a laser beam past Polich.

Antigo up now 3-1 before the first intermission.

Sprinkle in some great defense by the conference leader in save percentage, Ben Bartletti, and you can add another win in the column for Antigo.

Red Robins win 8-1.

That's 19 wins now for Antigo on the season.

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Mosinee outlasts Antigo 60-59Submitted: 02/05/2016

MOSINEE - It was an important night for Great Northern Conference standings in boys basketball Friday.

Mosinee is on top of the standings by a game.

Antigo hoped to knock them off that ledge.

Red Robins are on the run.

Zach Falk deals from long range for a huge three pointer.

Mosinee didn't waste any possessions.

Jared Novitzke gets big in the post, and the six-two senior nearly caps it with a dunk.

He's loving it, but he won't love this.

Antigo misses the longball, but Falk corrals the miss.

That time it'll go.

Red Robins give Mosinee a serious scare, but the Indians escape with the 60-59 win.

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MERRILL - The Merrill boys basketball team took back to their home court Friday.

They hosted the Marshfield Tigers.

Merrill's Scott Wallace had a nice day.

He strips the fast break, slows up his own, and pulls up for the Ray Allen three-pointer

No messing around there.

Marshfield matched the Blue Jays bucket for bucket.

They put up the triple on the very next possession.

Merrill doing there best to hang around, feeding the hot hand in Wallace who knocks down some tough shots.

But Marshfield holds off a Blue Jay comeback.

Tigers win 64-50.

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WAUSAU - Last time we saw DC Everest, they were in second place in the Valley Conference.

Now, Wausau West is sitting in that spot.

Everest's Jacob Gebert doing his best to reverse the standings.

The sweet pullup jumpshot falls, but West played better team basketball.

Steven Lewendowski backs down into the paint, but he's not looking to shoot.

He's looking for Tommy Borta on the baseline.

They move the ball pretty well too.

Jakob Tordsen finally gets it up top and puts in the triple.

West trying to make up ground on SPASH.

This win will help.

Warriors win 61-50.

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THREE LAKES - Gavin Maney of Three Lakes signed his letter of intent Thursday to play football at St. Norbert College in Green Bay.

He will play fullback.

According to Wissports.net, Maney finished second in the Northern Lakes conference in rushing yards in 2015.

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MOSINEE - Teams from the same high school don't usually win conference titles in the same year, but the Mosinee girls and boys basketball teams have a shot to do just that this season.

"We've just become such a family, and I think that's showing on the court just because we are so close, both on and off the court, and I think that's been a factor in our success," says senior forward Natasha Stubbe.

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