Three Lakes football player signs with St. Norbert College Submitted: 02/04/2016

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THREE LAKES - Gavin Maney of Three Lakes signed his letter of intent Thursday to play football at St. Norbert College in Green Bay.

He will play fullback.

According to Wissports.net, Maney finished second in the Northern Lakes conference in rushing yards in 2015.

He will be going on an academic scholarship.

Maney explained his decision.

"I really like the campus there," he said. "I was also looking at other schools like Norbert, Point, Ripon and stuff, but I really liked the campus, first of all, and that's why I decided to go there."

St. Norbert is in Division III. The team won its conference last year but lost in the first round of the playoffs.

Maney is ready to get on the field.

"I'm pretty excited. I've always wanted to play football," he said. "I mean, my uncle played and it's always been my dream for me, so it's kind of surreal that I'm going to be able to play."

St. Norbert will kick off its season at home against UW-Stevens Point.

Story By: Nolan Blair

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MOSINEE - Teams from the same high school don't usually win conference titles in the same year, but the Mosinee girls and boys basketball teams have a shot to do just that this season.

"We've just become such a family, and I think that's showing on the court just because we are so close, both on and off the court, and I think that's been a factor in our success," says senior forward Natasha Stubbe.

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Northern Edge beats up M&M 8-0Submitted: 01/30/2016

RHINELANDER - The Northern Edge were back in Rhinelander Saturday.

I hope you like a lot goals, because that's all there was.

Katie Detert hit 150 career goals earlier in the week, but she was hungry for more.

She takes the pass all alone, and catches the goalie out of the net.

The wrister hits the top bar and bounces in.

That's her first of the day.

The next one came a few minutes later.

She fakes out the goalie with some great puck control, and scoops it into the net.

The goalie never had a chance.

She's just one away from the hat trick, and the third might look the easiest.

Detert takes just the simple slapper.

I'm not sure M&M's goalie ever even saw that puck.

Hats on the ice for number 13.

Detert adds a couple of assists here, and Northern Edge dominates the Thunder offensively.

Goalie Shea Peterson preserves the shutout.

Detert tallies 5 of the Edge's 8 points.

8-0 is your final.

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EAGLE RIVER - Waupaca went up to the Dome Friday to take on Northland Pines.

First period, Waupaca doing a good job of keeping opportunities in their favor.

Pines looks like they can clear it, but the puck is stolen.

Cannon Hermanson gets it into the middle of the ice.

Jack Menzies finishes it off.

Waupaca draws first blood.

The Eagles don't wait long at all to give their answer.

Two puck drops later, Colton Raymond driving quick.

He has no alley for the shot, so he passes to Nick Dean in a scrum of players.

Good luck is on the Eagles' side.

Dean stays with it, and it's a Pines goal.

That's why you don't give up.

Pines takes this one 5-2.

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MINOCQUA - The Tomahawk Hatchets went up to Lakeland Friday.

The Thunderbirds were rolling.

Taryn Williams puts up the triple.

It clangs away, but Olivia Killian with the great vision.

She gets the hoop and the harm on a terrific play.

A couple possessions later, Williams passes low for a nice, strong bucket.

Thunderbirds win big.

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Antigo's Nagel a special talentSubmitted: 01/28/2016

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ANTIGO - You can see great athletes on any team here in the Northwoods, but not every team has a great athlete who's also a great student and person, on and off the ice.

Even fewer teams can say that great athlete is coming off a major injury.

But Antigo's Alex Nagel can check off all those boxes.

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MOSINEE - The Badger State Games will keep moving along this weekend in the Wausau area.

It'll be a big one for sports fans.

Trap shooting and snowshoeing will take center stage, but one of the biggest events will be figure skating.

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WAUSAU - Stevens Point's boys' basketball team wins its conference basketball games by an average of 41 points.

But there's a lot that has gone into the team's success.

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High school gymnasts in Antigo make it sound like there's a little bit of magic in what they do.

They're flying through the air, making a blind landing on a balance beam, or pulling off flips from the floor.

But the magic comes from hard work, and the hard work has led to success.

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MERRILL - The Badger State Winter Games wrapped up its third weekend Sunday.

Many people came out to Rib Mountain Bowmen to catch one of the games' biggest events: archery.

It's a sport that's bringing people together.

"It's a draw from all over the place, and the other really neat thing about archery is anybody can do it," says Rib Mountain Bowmen President Josh Calmes.

Archery has always been one of the most popular events among adults at the Badger State Games, and thanks to a little movie called the Hunger Games, that popularity spans generations.

"It was a fantastic thing," says Badger State Games Executive Director Richard Barrett. "It really got the younger audience involved. For example, any SP shoot, like we had last weekend, has just grown the sport. In fact, we had to move part of it out of Rib Mountain Bowmen because it has grown so fast."

The young kids might start the sport to be like their movie heroes, but they won't leave it anytime soon.

"What's neat, they're there for a long time, because when the kids grow up, their mothers and fathers might shoot along with them," says Barrett. "It's a family event, which is kind of nice, and they all participate together."

"Without a doubt, my favorite part is seeing the young faces that come in," says Calmes. "The cadets, so they would be 12 and under, they are so excited to be involved in this, and have an opportunity to be competing."

Some younger archers, like Wisconsin's Jenna Heil, don't need to idolize Katniss Everdeen to get into the sport.

Heil goes to as many shoots as she can, but she makes sure the Badger State Games are on that list.

"It's just a fun environment to be in, and it's fun to meet new people," says Heil. "I go to shoots all across the country, and it's fun to see people you can meet. I have friends from South Dakota, and everywhere across the country."

Advice from those friends can literally turn you into Robin Hood.

"A Robin Hood is when you shoot one arrow into the other arrow," says Barrett. "One year I was out there I saw, out of five arrows, they had two or three Robin Hoods out of five arrows. It was really cool. It costs a lot of money because those arrows are expensive."

There's no robbing from the rich, but the odds are certainly in every archer's favor.

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MERRILL - It's been a busy couple nights for Merrill girls basketball.

They beat out Mosinee Friday night.

They were back at home Saturday afternoon to take on La Crosse Logan.

Emily Page uses the Allen Iverson-like crossover to create space, but it gets poked away.

Merrill's Maddix Bonnell is there to clean up the mess and score.

Blue Jays leading into the second half.

Bonnell drives the baseline after halftime.

She gets swarmed pretty good, but she shovels it to Morgan Pettit who puts it up and in.

A couple possessions later, credit Maddix Bonnell for almost single-handedly getting points.

She lays out to keep the ball inbounds.

The pass goes to Emily Page, who gets double teamed, but Bonnell is back on her feet.

She then fires the full court pass to a wide open Lindsey Casper for the outstanding finish.

Merrill keeping the good times rolling with a 49-35 win.

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