Merrill's Sam Arneson reacts to Gary Andersen resigning Submitted: 12/24/2014
MADISON - The Badgers hired Paul Chryst to take over the football program last week, but players are still handling the emotions of having a coach walk out on them.

Merrill's Sam Arneson spoke with Newswatch 12 about his initial reaction to Gary Andersen's resignation.

"Obviously I think we were always pretty close to coach," Arneson said. "So it kind of came out of nowhere for most of us especially after the success that we've had these two years you know a 9 win season 10 win season. Usually you don't see your head coach leave after that but he said that was what felt was right for him."

Arneson feels that the job at Oregon State is a step down for Andersen, but he trusts that Andersen made the move for his family and career.

"I don't take it as disrespect, I guess it's him doing what's best for his family," Arneson said. "Obviously it came as a surprise that he would leave Wisconsin for Oregon State but he had to do what was right for him."

Story By: Nolan Blair

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Merrill's Sam Arneson reacts to Paul Chyrst hiring Submitted: 12/24/2014

MADISON - Wisconsin's Paul Chryst seems to be a popular hire among Badger fans and players.

In the words of Merrill's Sam Arneson, hiring Chryst was a "no-brainer."

Chryst was born in Madison and played quarterback at Wisconsin.

Arneson is excited for the offensive mindset he will bring to the program.

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Skijoring and Sled Dog Racing in the NorthwoodsSubmitted: 12/24/2014

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GLEASON - Many people participate in outdoor sports during the winter months.

Sled Dog Racing and Skijoring are two sports that some people do competitively.

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Northern Edge girls' hockey hosts CFMSubmitted: 12/20/2014

ANTIGO - Northern Edge welcomed in Chippewa Falls-Menomonie to Antigo Saturday.

This one was a fairly close battle.

Neither team had the upper hand early.

Northern Edge's Lauren Smith gets it up top to Katie Detert.

She takes the long range slapshot, but CFM comes up with the save.

Still 0-0 at this point.

Northern Edge playing some nice defense of their own.

CFM pokes it away from two defenders.

They take it up left side and take the shot, but Gracie Lenzner bats it away with the glove.

Northern Edge comes right back down the ice.

Detert goes coast to coast.

She slices through a couple defenders into the middle lane.

She puts up the shot and it's good.

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Central Wisconsin girls' hockey ties Onalaska 1-1Submitted: 12/20/2014

WAUSAU - The Central Wisconsin Storm played host to the Onalaska Hilltoppers Saturday.

Both teams played some outstanding defense in this one.

Central Wisconsin's Katelyn Ramthun scoops around the goal.

She tries the reverse shot, but Onalaska's goalie is all over it.

The Hilltoppers clear it out.

A couple possessions later, the Storm are back on the offensive.

They try the sniper shot from out deep.

Onalaska won't budge.

The Storm are able to corral the miss.

They shoot it around the boards trying to look for a decent shot.

Jamie Henrickson gets the shot off, but Onalaska still won't let anything through.

The Storm come back with a head of steam.

A 2-on-1 rush with only one Hilltopper to beat.

Henrickson dishes to Kelly Knetter but the shot is still no good.

That's the way it went for the entire game.

This thriller went down to the wire, and it ended in a very fitting 1-1 tie.

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Rhinelander defeats AntigoSubmitted: 12/19/2014

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RHINELANDER - Rhinelander defeats Antigo 36-32.

Rhinelander's Brandon Reinthaler scored 14 points.

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Merrill holds off Wausau West 48-32.Submitted: 12/19/2014

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MERRILL - Merrill holds off Wausau West 48-32.

Merrill will play Waupaca next on December 20th.

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Lakeland takes down Medford 48-39.Submitted: 12/19/2014

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MEDFOD - Lakeland takes down Medford 48-39.

Meford will play Ashland on December 23rd.

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Barry Alvarez happy with coaching staffSubmitted: 12/18/2014

MADISION - The Wisconsin Badgers will keep their defensive coordinator under the new head coach.

The Dave Aranda lead defense ranked 4th in total defense in 2014.

Barry Alvarez seems happy with how the staff is forming.

That's after Gary Anderson left for Oregon State.

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Chequamegon's Isaac Weik wins wrestling matchSubmitted: 12/18/2014

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EDGAR - Fans in Central Wisconsin could catch a top ten wrestling showdown between two wrestlers in Edgar Thursday night.

Chequamegon's #10 ranked Isaac Weik faced Edgar's #8 ranked Alex Lemanski.

Neither wrestler could get the pin, but Weik ended up with the five to three victory.

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Sleigh Rides can be another fun way to get outdoors in the winterSubmitted: 12/17/2014

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EAGLE RIVER - For some people, a sleigh ride seems like the perfect activity to get into the Christmas spirit.

When the snow starts to fall, these draft horses begin to pull sleighs through the woods behind Northland Pines High School in Eagle River. Sleigh driver Karrie Dollar says the woods are magical.

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