Rhinelander senior Bryce White enjoyed a special year in athletics and musicSubmitted: 05/29/2015
RHINELANDER - Rhinelander senior Bryce White had a special senior year in athletics.

"To be able to come in and play three different sports I've never done before, I mean that's a huge privilege," said White.

Because of a worry for conflicting schedules, Bryce White decided not to play baseball his senior year. Instead, he gathered the ninth most receiving yards for football in the state, became the sixth man for the Great Northern Conference champion basketball team, and was the best high jumper in the GNC.

"To have that under your belt, this is all the stuff I got to do. I mean it will make for a lot of fun stories later in life, too," said White.

But White's passion that he wants to continue is music. White gained the attention of a producer in Nashville, Tennessee because of his ability to sing and write songs. White won the Rhinelander Talent Show with a song he wrote in 19 minutes; just in time for his duet partner to drive over to his house.

"I just thought heck why not just write one and a minute before she got home to my house," White said. "She knocks on the door and I was putting the last pen on the notebook."

White says the producer in Nashville wants him to come down south as soon as possible. He will continue to work at Menards until he saves enough money to head to Nashville next year. He says an opportunity has been handed to him on a golden platter.

"I'm doing whatever it takes, you know I'll wait however long I need to get in to do whatever cause I guess that's a power of a dream, and it's a little more than a dream when you see it start to turn into a reality," said White.

Story By: Nolan Blair

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MINOCQUA - Winning a golf tournament as a high school golfer doesn't seem like an easy thing to do, but Lakeland's Curtis Geiger can say he did it.

In fact, Geiger can say he won every tournament he played in this season.

It's the first time the feat has been done in Great Northern Conference history.

Geiger says it's an exciting honor, but one he didn't expect.

"I'm glad I could do it," says Geiger. "I think that it was a kind of goal in mind, but I didn't think it could be realistic for me. I just kind of wanted to take it one tournament at a time."

Geiger has played outstanding golf as an individual this year, but he's happy he'll get to close out the season with his team.

"I guess I'm just glad my team could pull out to go to sectionals," says Geiger. "I'm glad they could get a couple of good scores together, and that we could go as a team for one last run."

Geiger will head to Elmhurst College to continue his golfing career.

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EAGLE RIVER - People usually go to the Eagle River Derby Track to take in snowmobile races.

This summer, you'll be able to watch more than that on the same track.

It'll play host to the first annual UTV & ATV World Championship Derby.

Drivers will get to compete head to head over a course filled with clay, sand, and water.

Those behind the scenes say it's a one of a kind race.

"That's the hottest industry right now in the power sports business," says Russ Davis, V.P. of Marketing and Sales for the Derby Track. "We just think, with the facility that we have here, with the oval track, with the opportunity to modify that so that we can keep racing all down here in the bowl, it's like a stadium race without the roof."

The track's snowmobile derby brings in people from around the world, but there could be an even bigger turnout for the summer race.

"We anticipate it to be actually bigger, even though it's our first year," says Davis. "The winter time, we're always fighting the weather elements. 20 below zero in the middle of January, that's something we can't do anything about, but we are expecting a good attendance, good gate."

The event runs from August 28th until August 30th.

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MOSINEE - The high school baseball regular season will wrap up soon, which means teams are making their final push for the playoffs.

The Mosinee Indians are one of those teams.

They're in first place in the conference, but they will face some stiff competition down the home stretch of the regular season.

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CRANDON - Many Northwoods high schoolers turn to trap shooting as their sport of choice.

The Crandon School District started a team last year, and its popularity is soaring.

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TOMAHAWK - Basketball players receive recognition for scoring 1,000 points in a career.

But Jen Stolp from Medford has scored more than 1,000 points in her track career, which is a much rarer feat.

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ANTIGO - Many kids start playing sports at a young age. But watching three-year-olds play tee ball can be a bit unpredictable.

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MERCER - When you watch a basketball game being played on a hardwood floor, there's a good chance that wood came from the Northwoods.

A plant in Mercer turns maple lumber into basketball courts. The people who work at Action Floor Systems can see their product on basketball's biggest stages.

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TOMAHAWK - The Mosinee Indians softball team won its seventh straight Great Northern Conference title Friday night.

The team also won its first state title last year.

They are led by two all-state players.

Bailey Schultz bats lead-off for the Indians. She is also the starting point guard for the girls' basketball team. Schultz likes to bring the energy of a point guard to the softball field.

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MINOCQUA - The Chequamegon baseball team carries one of the best records in the Northwoods.

The team started off poorly, but has won its last 12 out of 14 games to sit at 13-5.

The varsity team has seven seniors that look to lead the team to a successful playoff run.

The past two years the Screaming Eagles have made it to sectionals. But they haven't made the next step and advanced to state.

"Experience you know things don't, they're not intimidated to play some of these things," Chequamegon's coach Tom Armstrong said. "That makes a big difference, you know we've been in the fire a few times and a lot of these guys have been in sectionals and been in conference championship games."

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HARSHAW - Pinewood Golf Course in Harshaw will offer another type of golfing this spring and summer.

It's called fling golf.

You only need one stick to play the game.

Fling golf can be played on any golf course.

A solid fling can go over 200 yards!

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