Pick-up basketball available at the YMCA of the NorthwoodsSubmitted: 09/17/2014
RHINELANDER - If you're looking for a great way to be active indoors, then pick-up basketball may be perfect for you.

Friendly and competitive pick-up basketball games can be found at the YMCA of the Northwoods.

"We play this pick-up basketball, or open basketball, from 8:30 to 9:30 generally, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and anybody is welcome to come play," says basketball player Jim Lentz.

Open games were started back in 2009, and they have grown in popularity ever since.

"It was just a few guys that got together and ended up creating the open basketball on their own," says YMCA of the Northwoods Interim CEO Laurie Schlitt. "They all were off of work at that time or retired, and wanted to just get together. It was just the great social experiment, I guess you could say, and it ended up being an activity that they all enjoy doing together."

The same core players have been around since the pick-up games started, and they have welcomed in new recruits.

The teams are generally made up of older players, but are open to players of all ages.

"Most of us are 70 and older," says Lentz. "Like I'm 73, one guy is 75. The young people have a lot of fun playing with us."

But the way they play their games hasn't changed.

"We play, generally it's 3-on-3, but if we get 8 people, we'll go cross-court, and we'll play cross-court," says Lentz. "We play games to 11, one point at a time, and you call your own fouls, and your own out of bounds. Just for fun, that's generally what we're here for. Just for fun."

And they're always looking for more people to come and play with them.
"We take boys, girls, women," says Lentz. "Anybody that will come and play, we'll let them play."

"You'll see the guys come and just play," says Schlitt. "Some of them are very competitive and some of them are very open. So if you have some skill and you want to come shoot some hoops with the guys, then come on in."

Story By: Dan Marz

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Lady Hodag tennis team chasing fifth straight GNC championshipSubmitted: 09/17/2014

RHINELANDER - The Rhinelander Girls Tennis team could win their fifth straight Great Northern Conference championship this year.

No other Hodag team has ever had that level of success.

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Elcho/White Lake Stays Focused on Winning Submitted: 09/13/2014

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ELCHO - A high school football team plays in the area that you have probably don't hear a lot about.

Elcho/White Lake Elcho/White Lake is a team combined of two high schools with about 100 students so they can have enough players for a football team.

The team hasn't won a game since 2012 and scored their first touchdown of the season on Saturday but they fight as hard as anyone.

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Rhinelander falls to Lakeland Union Submitted: 09/12/2014

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MINOCQUA - Lakeland played host to the Rhinelander Hodags tonight.

Lots of rain meant lots of running the football.

Opening drive of the game for the Thunderbirds, quarterback Nick Peterson tosses to running back Sam Killian.

He rumbles through several Hodag defenders for a 30 yard gain.

Lakeland ends up in the red zone a couple of plays later.

The hand-off goes to Sam Jaeger.

He runs off tackle to the right side and barrels into the endzone for a T-bids touchdown.

The aggressive Lakeland offense then goes for two on the QB keeper.

Peterson walks in to make it 8-0.

The rain continues to fall.

That makes the ball nice and slippery.

The ensuing Hodags possession, QB Brandon Reinthaler hands it to Cole Oettinger.

He drops the ball.

T-birds recover, and take control of this one.

Killian and Jaeger scored three touchdowns each.

T-birds win 44 to 13 with more than 300 yards on the ground.

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Northland Pines beats HancockSubmitted: 09/12/2014

EAGLE RIVER - Northland Pines beats Hancock 62-12.

Northland Pines taking on Hancock from the Upper Peninsula.

It was all Eagles early on.

They were up 41-6 at halftime.

Northland Pines ran the ball quite a bit, just like many other teams playing in the rain.

The birds get the ball to start the second half.

Joe Roach fields the kickoff.

He gets a seam down the left side and takes off.

He gives Pines great field position on Hancock's side of the field.

It didn't take them long to score after that.

The handoff here goes to Lance Bahn-trae-ger.

He brakes a few tackles and stretches for the goal line.

The Eagles wouldn't look back.

They go on to win 62-12.

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Great Competition in the Great Northern Submitted: 09/11/2014

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RHINELANDER - The Great Northern soccer teams can be a threat when it comes to playoff time.

Currently there is a competitive race between three teams for the conference championship.

The three teams at the top of the league include Rhinelander, Northland Pines, and Lakeland.

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Yoga's popularity growing as weather worsensSubmitted: 09/10/2014

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RHINELANDER - With summer over and the weather starting to turn colder, there aren't as many things to do outside.

But one indoor activity that will help take your mind off the gloomy weather is yoga.

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Calvary Baptist Church sponsors archery program Submitted: 09/07/2014

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RHINELANDER - Archery can be a tough sport. It's one that takes place in the Olympics, but it can also be a fun sport to try.

Calvary Baptist Church took the opportunity to sponsor a Centershot archery program for students in third through sixth grades. The church thinks the program can teach the community new skills.

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20th Annual Wolfman Triathlon Has Impressive Course Submitted: 09/06/2014

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- The 20th annual Wolfman Triathlon took place in Langlade County on Saturday.

The 357 participants had a perfect day to complete the beautiful course.

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Lakeland Gets First Victory of Season Submitted: 09/05/2014

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MINOCQUA - Lakeland defeats Northland Pines 45-28 in Minocqua on Friday.

Lakeland tied the game at seven after a play-action fake from Nick Peterson to Erik Herzog.

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Red Robins take down Oredockers 38-14Submitted: 09/05/2014

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ANTIGO - The Antigo Red Robins defeated the Ashland Oredockers 38-14 Friday night for their first win of the season.

Antigo marched down the field on their first drive and capped it off with a five-yard end around to Runningback Aeric Berner for the touchdown.

The Red Robins shut down the Oredockers on the next drive, but Antigo's Quarterback Tony Libit tried going for the deep pass. It was then picked off by Ashland's Brendan Carter.

He pulls in the duck, but the Robins held the lead. Libit found Alex Nagel later for a 14-yard gain. Nagel showed off some footwork and nearly got the first down on the play.

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