Osseo-Fairchild takes down Chequamegon Submitted: 09/04/2015
PARK FALLS - After a slow start (2-1) Osseo-Fairchild blows out (1-2) Chequamegon 35-14.

Chequamegon will host Auburndale next Friday.

Story By: Nolan Blair

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LAKELAND - (2-1) (1-0) Merrill defeats (2-1) (0-1) Lakeland 21-0.

Merrill had nearly 300 rushing yards on the game.

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WAUSAU - A big battle going on at Thom Field between DC Everest and Wausau West.

West technically was the home team, but you couldn't tell with the Everest support in full force.

West got off to a great start on the ground.

Payton Nelson going off tackle.

He's got a full head of steam.

A nice tackle to get him out of bounds.

Everest used that to spring them forward.

Their next possession.

Stephen Paoli does his best Eddie Lacy impression by dragging three Warriors with him.

Evergreens keep their foot on the gas.

The play action bootleg.

Connor Dickinson wide open down the field for a big gain.

Everest goes on to win big 37-8.

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Menominee defeats Antigo 42-28Submitted: 09/04/2015

ANTIGO - Antigo played back at Schofield Stadium Friday.

Red Robins look slick in their new unis.

They took on the Menominee Maroons.

21-20 ballgame at the half.

Lots of defense to start the second.

Maroons trying the play action over the middle but two Robins right there to swat that one away on third down.

A big fourth down at the edge of the red zone.

Pressure coming up the middle.

Maroons just throw it away.

Turnover on downs, but it was more of the same on Antigo's ensuing drive.

Alex Nagel tries the bootleg.

He's under pressure but he throws it over the middle.

Will Dixon's got guys draped all over him.

That draws a huge pass interference call on third down.

They get a fresh set of downs but can't get much going.

Menominee storms back for the 42-28 win.

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EAGLE RIVER - The two main events of the World Championship side by side UTV/ATV Derby took place Sunday in Eagle River.

Kaukana's Cody Janssen won the ATV Championship by a large margin.

Janssen says he is ranked in the top ten for professional ATV.

He enjoyed the trip up to Eagle River.

"It's been great for me," Janssen said. "I feel like I'm in my backyard. When we race from 20 to 25 hours away it's just great for me to be at this event promote this event help grow this event."

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GREEN BAY - The Packers are actually optimist that Randall Cobb will be ready for week one according to ESPN's Rob Demovsky.

Cobb injured his shoulder on the Packers third play from scrimmage last night against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Cobb went down hard on his right shoulder.

According to NFL.com's Ian Rapoport, an MRI that was done Sunday showed an AC Joint sprain.

Sportsmed.com says the AC Joint is where the collar bone meets the shoulder blade,
Cobb talked about the injury after last night's game.

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ST. GERMAIN - Lake Tomahawk New-Tom Sno Fleas and the St. Germain Bo-Boen Snowmobile Club hosted its 19th Benefit Pig Roast at the Sportsman's Chalet in St. Germain.

The two clubs combined cover more than 200 miles in the Northwoods.

Organizers said it's fun to get together in the summer.

"We'll now it's a different setting and to come out and sit down and cookout and catchup over some summer activities and people you haven't see much off, it's really a lot of fun," said St. Germain Bo Boen Snowmobile Club Trail Boss Jim Wendt.

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EAGLE RIVER - Dylan Seis from Antigo won the ProAm competition Saturday at the ATV/UTV Derby World Championship at the AMSOIL Eagle River Derbytrack.

He's only 15 years old.

"You forget everything else that is going on, you realize what's in front of you and what you're doing," said Seis.

The Antigo champion travels around the country to race four wheelers. He enjoyed the short trip up to Eagle River.

"Pretty good the track was really rough in the corners but other than that it was a decent track for the first year," said Seis.

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TOMAHAWK - (2-0) Tomahawk defeats Pittsville (0-2) 41-0 on Friday. 

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MOSINEE - Mosinee lost a tough game last week to Stratford.

Things looked better for them this week against Onalaska.

Indians with the ball just before halftime.

Landon Stepan trying to get a last second drive going.

Third down in Hilltopper territory.

Stepan gets taken down by a strong side blitzer.

Indians get nothing out of the drive, but they're still up 16-0 at halftime.

Start of the second half, it's Onalaska ball.

They faced a couple of fourth downs this drive.

Quarterback rolls right and throws across his body.

Their driving into the red zone.

Hilltoppers get it to fourth and goal.

Handoff goes to the fullback.

A whole lot of bodies in there in the scrum and the fullback is one of them.

Mosinee wouldn't score again after that, but they wouldn't need to.

Indians hold on to win 16-12.

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Edgar shuts out Auburndale 43-0Submitted: 08/28/2015

EDGAR - Edgar trying to build on a big win in week one.

They had a tough task Friday in a game vs. Auburndale.

Early in the first quarter.

Matthew Urmanski drops back with a whole pack of Auburndale Apaches bearing down on him.

The pass is up and it's picked.

Apaches run it back aways, and their ensuing drive starts off great.

Ryan Issacson's got plenty of time.

Two Wildcats draped on the receiver, but the ball somehow sneak through.

After that the drive seemed to stall.

Second and long, the toss.

The halfback puts it on the ground.

Apaches recover the fumble but it halts the drive.

Edgar builds big momentum from there.

They win 43-0.

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