Punt, Pass, and Kick in RhinelanderSubmitted: 09/30/2014
RHINELANDER - Knights of Columbus held a punt, pass, kick tournament Monday night in Rhinelander.

"I start football next year and I felt like it was really fun," said eight-year-old James Heck.

There is one winner for each age group.

"I felt like I was lucky today because this was my first year of football and I felt like I could win," said eight-year-old Wyatt.

This is the fourth time the Knights of Columbus has held one here in Rhinelander
"It gives them a chance to compete and see if they are better than their buddy or whatever turns the kids on," said Treasurer of the Council and Youth Activities for the Knights of Columbus.

Each kid has two chances to punt pass and kick. The best score of each is totaled to decide the winner. They measure the distance in a very specific manner.

"We measure the distance on a straight line. And, if it's off of the line, we subtract however many feet it is from that point," said Coyle.

It is all about the fun of the competition.

"Just to have fun, play to compete," said age 10 group winner Ryan Jamison.
"I wanted to win today because I felt like winning," said ten-year-old Tucker Lindman.

For some, winning was personal.

"My brother was doing it and I wanted to do it to," said age 10 girls' group winner Ava Lamers.

But at the end of the day, these kids just wanted to have fun.

"Just to get outside and play," said age 8 girls' group winner Leah Jamison.

"I wanted to learn to kick and pass better," said age 8 group winner John Currie.

Competitors were ages 8 to 12.

"The kids enjoy it in Rhinelander. They come out and compete and they enjoy that. So, it's a lot of fun," said Coyle.

The highest overall score was 212 points by 11-year-old winner Quinn Lamers. Other winners included Ryan Jamison, age 10, with 208; Sam Schneider age 9 with 151; John Currie, age 8, with 123. The winners for the girls were Leah Jamison, age 8, with 80 points and Ava Lamers, age 10, with 100 points. The winners for each age group will compete in Marshfield in October.

Story By: Jeanine Ilacqua

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Rump Roast RunSubmitted: 09/27/2014

MINOCQUA - There was a 5 kilometer and 10 kilometer run in Minocqua Saturday morning.

Many people know Beef-A-Rama for the amount of beef sold on the streets of Minocqua.

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Bowler/Gresham Takes Down Three Lakes Submitted: 09/26/2014

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THREE LAKES - Bowler/Gresham defeated Three Lakes 72-58 in Three Lakes on Friday.
Quarterback Thomas Kazik started the second half with a touchdown to Joe Serrano. Perfectly thrown pass to Joe Serrano.

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Raiders Takedown Hodags on the RoadSubmitted: 09/26/2014

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RHINELANDER - Medford defeated Rhinelander 42-20 Friday in Rhinelander.
Rhinelander got the ball moving early.

Brandon Rheinthaler connected with Mason Shallow and the Hodags were driving deep in Medford territory. Shallow had 126 yards receiving.

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Crandon beats Laona-Wabeno on the road 22-14Submitted: 09/26/2014

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WABENO - A good game was played down in Wabeno.

The Rebels played host to the Crandon Cardinals.

It was a defensive showing early.

Crandon was the first to find the end zone toward the end of the first quarter.

But Laona-Wabeno wouldn't take that lying down.

The ensuing drive, they take the ball right down the field.

Craig Mentz finds running back Nacie Colarco who rumbles down the sideline to pick up 20.

The very next play looked similar.

Mentz hits Colarco on another screen pass, and he takes it for another 20 yards and a first down.

The Rebels only needed one more play to score.

Alex Benaszewski takes the handoff and races into the endzone to put Laona-Wabeno on the board.

But Crandon was the masters of their domain.

They win this one 22-14.

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Merrill volleyball team holds off HodagsSubmitted: 09/25/2014

MERRILL - The Hodags volleyball team hit the road Thursday for a non-conference matchup against the Merrill Blue Jays.

Rhinelander was looking to improve on a rough start to the season.

In the first game, Merrill and Rhinelander kept pace with one another.

The Blue Jays threw their bodies around to try and pull away from the Hodags.

Merrill took a 1-0 set lead off a nice touch volley.

They took that momentum with them into the second game.

They led this one by double digit points at one point.

But the Hodags fight back.

They pull within seven before the Jays shut the door on any kind of comeback.

Rhinelander went up 4-0 early in the third set.

But Merrill pulled through.

They come all the way back to win the match in straight sets.

Players say they've struggled with slow starts this season.

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Flag football gets kids playing earlySubmitted: 09/24/2014

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ANTIGO - Kids in Antigo can start playing football at an early age.

The city's flag football league has a division specifically for preschoolers and kindergarteners to learn the basics.

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Antigo Volleyball Focusing on Finishing Sets Submitted: 09/23/2014

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ANTIGO - Some volleyball team's mark down a victory when they see Antigo on the schedule.

That would seem like a mistake this year.

The girls believe they'd have an even better record if they fix just a part of their game.

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Learning to musky fishSubmitted: 09/22/2014

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SHERMAN - Many people come to the Northwoods to musky fish.

But, for those who have never even held a rod, there are guides to help.

Don Ladubec, loves to fish and specializes in guiding first timers.

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High Sports Weekend RecapSubmitted: 09/21/2014

RHINELANDER - The Tomahawk swimming team had a successful weekend.

They scored 220 points and finished fourth behind three division one schools in the Ashwaubenon Jaguar Invite on Saturday.

They were one of two division two schools who competed in a 12 team field.

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Stevens Point Area Senior High School Cross Country Program Has Strong TraditionSubmitted: 09/20/2014

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WAUSAU - People know Stevens Point Area Senior High School for its cross country. The high school has one of the most successful programs in the entire state at any level. This year, they expect another good run.

Head coach of the team Donn Behnke has been the coach for the past 38 years.

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