Professional disc golfers look to make a living off the sportSubmitted: 09/01/2014

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LAC DU FLAMBEAU - You could see professional disc golfers playing over the Labor Day weekend at Sandy Point Resort and Disc Golf Ranch's 20th Anniversary Northwoods Open.

Professional disc golfers find that not everyone quite understands just how special disc golf can be.

"I think one of the big challenges we've seen is that people can't relate. They think of a Frisbee and they think of throwing it but they don't necessarily see how amazing a disc can fly," said professional disc golfer Terry Miller.

But, there is a whole world of people who play this sport professionally. In 2000, Miller quit his job to pursue the sport. There are a few thousand professionals. Disc golf is unique because you can decide which division you want to play in.

"There is the professional division and the amateur division. So just sign up and compete with the best," said Miller.

The Professional Disc Golfer's Association has found that the sport has an annual growth of up to 12%.

"I would with churches, I work with youth groups, I would with park and rec programs. So, we're seeing it both at the state level, the local level, and then also the national level. So, it's growing pretty much in every possible way that we can," said Miller.

Because it is such a niche sport, it can be hard for professionals to make money.

"It's kind of anything that's related to disc golf, they probably pick up and do a little bit on the side. And then on the weekend, they are grinding it out, playing a tournament every single weekend," said Miller.

It can be difficult for professional disc golf players to make a lot of money just by playing weekend tournaments. But, if these tournaments started to be aired live on television, there could be more money in the game.

"I think once it gets on TV, I think that's when we may see some of our big sponsors. I think that's going to make the sport bigger and more professional," said Miller.

Terry Miller created Smashboxx TV, a platform where he live streams professional tournaments straight to YouTube.

"I think as we continue to grow and some of our big events, we are going to see something on TV. It's just a matter of the right network and the right people getting together to make it happen," said Miller.

Televised tournaments, much like what Smashboxx TV does, could change the future of the game.

"We've had a number of sponsors that have reached out to us because they really want to get on-board with this exciting opportunity. There's not a lot in terms of broadcast options," said Miller.

If you're interested in learning or watching disc golf, click the links below.

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Story By: Jeanine Ilacqua

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Bear Hunting Season Soon to Start in NorthwoodsSubmitted: 09/01/2014

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EAGLE RIVER - The bear hunting season kicks off on Wednesday in the state of Wisconsin.

Hunters are allowed to use hounds in every zone besides C which stretches north to south in the center part of the state.

It helps to have more than just a gun to hunt bears in the Northwoods.

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Crandon International Off-Road Raceway Has a Big WeekendSubmitted: 08/31/2014

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Racing at Crandon involves a lot of horse power, sliding around turns, and of course plenty of dirt.

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Packer Hall of Famer Makes a Stop in the NorthwoodsSubmitted: 08/30/2014

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WOODRUFF - The Gilbert Brown Foundation made a stop in Woodruff on Sunday.

Gilbert Brown, also known as the Grave Digger, uses his Hall of Fame Packer career to give back to the Wisconsin community.

The Foundation does over 144 charities across the state and helps children by providing life skills, promoting diversity, and raising funds for kids with cancer.

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The fun of disc golfSubmitted: 08/27/2014

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- You can play disc golf at the Sandy Point Resort and Disc Golf Ranch if you're looking for a good time.

Disc Golf is a growing and inexpensive way for some recreational or competitive fun.

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Northern Wisconsin cross country teams start season in MinocquaSubmitted: 08/26/2014

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MINOCQUA - Seven high school cross country teams started their season in Minocqua Tuesday night at the eighth annual Ted Voigt Invitational.

Lakeland Union High School, the defending Great Northern Conference champs, hosted the first match of the season.

The event is named after a former coach at Lakeland Union High School.

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Mountain biking coming to Wisconsin high schoolsSubmitted: 08/26/2014

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WISCONSIN - High schoolers will get the chance to compete in a new sport this fall.

Starting this fall, students from schools like Wausau West and Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) will compete in mountain bike racing.

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Hunting Season Approaching Submitted: 08/24/2014

RHINELANDER - Multiple hunting seasons will soon begin in the state of Wisconsin.
There are new changes in both regulations and ways of hunting this year.
Today I spoke with Roger Sabota, the vice chairman of the Oneida County conservation congress to learn more.

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1928 Dodge Victory 6 at Eagle River Car Show Submitted: 08/23/2014

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A variety of beautiful cars could be seen down Wall Street in downtown Eagle River.

A car from 1928 stuck out amongst them all.

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