Northwoods bicyclist prepares for 4,000 mile journey across the countrySubmitted: 05/28/2017
THREE LAKES - Whether it's on the road, the trails, or through the snow, people in the Northwoods love to spend time on their bikes, but one man from Three Lakes is taking his passion to a whole new level. For the last year, Jon Lester, has spent a lot of time on his bike. The Three Lakes native has been training for a race. A really long race.

"4,300 miles," said Lester with a smile.

4,322 to be precise. That's the total distance of the Trans Am Bike Race from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia. This is the fourth year of the race that crosses through 10 states.

"You sign up, you race, and the first one to reach the statue in Yorktown is the winner," said Lester.
A year ago, Lester and his family watched a documentary called "Inspired to Ride" about the first Trans Am race in 2014.

"It was like, I'd like to do that someday," said Lester. "And my family kind of talked me into someday is now."

One look at the garage, and that's no surprise. Road racers, mountain bikes, and fat tire machines hang from the walls.

"It means a lot to us, because that's what we do to spend time with each other," said Jon's daughter Megan.

However, Jon will be on his own for the Trans Am race. The race is fully self-supported, meaning Jon can only accept help from others in an emergency. That includes meals or drinks, even if offered by friends. That didn't stop his family from encouraging him.

"We all knew right away that Jon has the mental and physical strength to do this," said Jon's wife Sally.

Jon's bike holds a compact sleeping system that includes a mattress and a pillow. It has space to store snacks and water. Perhaps most importantly, it has space to remind him of his support back home. Sally, Megan, and Jon's younger daughter, Macy, wrote inspirational messages on the bike's gear bags. The hope is to give Jon extra motivation during the difficult times of his trek.

"He has a lot of family support. We're going to be sending him lots and lots of text messages every single day encouraging him," said Sally.

Jon says he wanted to challenge himself, and inspire others to do the same. When he crosses the finish line just a few dozen miles from the Atlantic Ocean, he'll have a very happy and proud family waiting for him.

"I think we're all going to be bawling," said Sally. "It's going to be very emotional."

The race begins June 3 at 6 a.m. local time. More than 150 rides are registered for the event. Each racer's bike has a GPS device that allows for up-to-date tracking. If you're interested in following along, you can click on the links below. The record time for the race of 17 days, 16 hours, and 17 minutes is held by Mike Hall.

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Story By: Mark Spillane

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MARATHON COUNTY - Saturday's weather made for the perfect day to spend time outside. For some that meant competing in the Rib Mountain Adventure Challenge. The third annual adventure race kicked off the 2017 Badger State summer Games.

"It's not always the fastest team that wins. It's sometimes a combination of the fastest and the smartest team that wins," said Race Director Tim Buchholz.

In adventure racing, teams of two to four competitors run, bike, and paddle their way through the wilderness. Teams are only allowed to use a compass and a map to determine which way to go, and all team members must stay together from start to finish.

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ROTHSCHILD - Wisconsin lakes, streams, and rivers host thousands of passionate fishermen each and every year. But not everyone has the ability to get out on the water. That's why the D.C. Everest High School Fishing Team uses its own resources to help out.

"It's all about fun. If you don't have fun go home," said junior Aaron Brinkman.

For Brinkman, it's one of the most fun days of the year. Friday was D.C. Everest's annual 'Special Needs Fishing Outing.' The event takes place at Kort Street Park on Lake Wausau. Team members say the goal is to take a hands-on approach to teach fishing skills, boating safety, and conservation.

"Our community is very lucky to have this kind of thing set up," said sophomore Logan Spice.

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RHINELANDER - Antigo clinched the Great Northern Conference crown with a 7-4 win at Rhinelander on Monday.

Junior AJ Kirsch got the win as the offense used walks, hits, and some Hodag errors to put up seven runs.

Hunter Kirsch loaded the bases in the seventh inning but forced a groundout to end the game.

Looking forward, AJ Kirsh says the team has high hopes.

Hopefully state champions, that's the goal. That's the goal since the start of the year, so we'll try to get that done," said Kirsch.

Here's a look at the highlight and thoughts from AJ Kirsch after the game.

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RHINELANDER - The thought of spring sports at Rhinelander high school usually brings to mind baseball, soccer, or maybe tennis. All those teams know what it takes to be successful. But there's been a new �" and loud�" team around the school this year. For the first time in three decades, the Hodags have a trap team.

"I've heard talk about it, but I didn't know if it was going to be 100% sure. When I heard this happened, I was amazed and super happy," said junior Tyler Olson.

Coaches knew there would be some interest in the team when they first met in March, but expectations turned out to be a bit low.

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BOULDER JUNCTION - The White Deer triathlon in Boulder Junction is offers nearly 20 miles of running, biking, and canoeing. That all sounds challenging enough for the average person. Just imagine if you couldn't see the course in front of you.

"You can't say could've, would've, should've, because bam, it's too late," said visually impaired runner Todd Roepke.

That mindset pushed Roepke to compete in Saturday's triathlon. Finishing a race like that isn't easy for Todd. The 59-year-old Janesville native was born blind. That's where his trainer Brenda Casamento comes in.

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THREE LAKES - The Three Lakes baseball jerseys still say Blue Jays on them. But with the help of some Knights, Three Lakes has found new success in 2017.

"It's worked out really well, we're all getting along, and obviously our record is showing that we're doing good things on the field too," said Phelps senior Sawyer Rosner.

Just last year, Three Lakes won eight conference games, but still only finished in fourth. Phelps on the other hand went winless at 0-14. Now in year one of their co-op, the TLP Blue Jays have a winning formula.

"The rest of my life I can say I was part of a team that won conference, in 2017. It's exciting to think about," said Three Lakes junior Brad Sowinski.

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PRENTICE - Prentice brothers Taylor and Trace Brayton love playing baseball together. They also love to joke with each other, but a few years ago, there wasn't much joking on the Prentice baseball team. The Bucs barely had enough players to field a team, but things have changed since then.

"Our numbers have gone up. I think we had nine [players] my freshman year, and now we're up to 15 and increasing," said Taylor Brayton.

This season the Bucs have won six conference games. That's four more than a year ago and six more than a winless 2015 season. The Brayton brothers are two big reasons for that steady increase.

"They're both just great kids, great leaders. They're quiet leaders. They just let their actions show," said Head Coach Joe Parisi.

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PRENTICE - Edgar outlasted the rain and Prentice on the baseball diamond to earn a win on Monday evening.

Check out the highlights plus a look at the current Marawood Conference standings!

Photo Courtesy: Central Wisconsin Sports

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RHINELANDER - The spring sports season will come to a close here in a few weeks. But for the Rhinelander boys tennis team, they're still finding success late in the season.

The Hodags hosted the Great Northern Conference meet this afternoon. Rhinelander tennis is usually known for its winning ways. That's partly because of their coach, Bob Heideman. He's been with the team for over 30 years.

"He's just so willing to work with players. He goes out of his way to help anyone he can. From the bottom to the top, he's always there working with people and making them an all-around good player," said senior, Logan Wild.

Wild is just one of Rhinelander's three seniors. He was a four-year varsity letterman for the Hodags and is going to miss the team a lot.
"The fact that it's going to be ending is bittersweet. It's nice to end it on our home court and finish out the season strong and hopefully come out with a conference victory," said Wild.

The Great Northern Conference title did in fact go to Rhinelander. Antigo came in second and Medford came in third.

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When starting a marathon, you're thinking about if you've prepared enough, about your muscles and hydration.

The water station at mile seven has been sponsored by Trig's ever since the marathon first started.

"21 years, very proudly to say," said volunteer Terry Tryggeseth.

Handing people water, Gatorade and other hydration only lasts a matter of seconds. But since they've done it for so long, the group sees some familiar faces.

"And they recognize us so that's kind of neat. And be able to cheer them on and say 'Hey, I remember you from last year or the year before!'" said Tryggeseth.

The group wears costumes every year to keep the runners going.

"Mile 7, a piece of heaven," said Tryggeseth.

And that seventh mile catches runners at the perfect time.

"I think at mile seven, they're still in a pretty good mood," said Tryggeseth.

There was one couple that really stuck with Tryggeseth.

"Years ago, there was a gentleman, him and his wife used to run. She was blind and he would run [with her] and they ran the entire marathon," said Tryggeseth.

Bottom line, the group of cheerleaders enjoy the simple, yet necessary, act of handing out water.

"We're just here having fun and we're proud to cheer on our community," said Tryggeseth.

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