Love for pizza making turns into a way to raise money for local charities for one NWs manSubmitted: 11/28/2014

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EAGLE RIVER - An Eagle River man gives back to his community using pizza. The pizza parties have raised more than $13,000 in donations for local charities and individuals since 2006.

Gary Anderson has lived in Eagle River for practically his entire life. He started out by making homemade pizzas for his family nearly 20 years ago.

"My mother used to make Chef Boyardee pizzas, and I thought my god, there has got to be a better way."

Since then, Anderson has fine-tuned his pizza recipe. He loves a good sauce, but he says the key to HIS pizza's is a mixed mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

"Look for the cheese, look for the right sausage," Anderson said.

Anderson loves working at his cooking station in his kitchen with his family and friends eating his pizzas across the counter. He says the pizza parties grew over the years. Anderson cooked for friends and others in the community.

He paid for all the ingredients and gave the pizza's away for free. Then his partner started working with Relay for Life.

"And my partner said to me, rather than just give these pizzas away, why don't we ask for a dollar donation," Anderson said.

So that's what happened.

"At the end of the day I'd have ten people here and I would have $200," Anderson said.

Anderson has donated 13,270 making pizza's since 2006. He uses all of that money to help local charities. Those include Relay for Life, Angel on my Shoulder, Warm the Children and Wings of Mercy. He says none of it pays for his ingredients.

"If I was on the Shark Tank (ABC show where contestants offer business ideas for possible investment), and they asked me what my business plan was, and I told them I want to help people, but I don't want to make any money," Anderson said. "They would ask me to leave."

Anderson would gladly walk out. He doesn't know how much longer he can do this as he is in his 70s, But he enjoys two aspects of it the most. One is when someone says his pizza is the best they've ever had.

"It doesn't get any better than that," Anderson said.

The other, is helping others.

"I just feel you have to give back," Anderson said.

He'll keep doing that one pizza at a time.

Story By: Adam Fox

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Black Friday Shopping in the NorthwoodsSubmitted: 11/28/2014

RHINELANDER - Many people woke up early and headed to the store for Black Friday.

It is considered one of the biggest shopping days of the year because it can mark the start of the holiday shopping season.

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Northwoods Children's Museum hosts turkeys for educationSubmitted: 11/28/2014

EAGLE RIVER - People who head to the Northwoods Children's Museum will get a special surprise.

The museum in Eagle River is hosting a couple of live turkeys this month.

Workers say the live animals help children understand exactly where their Thanksgiving meals come from.

The program has been running for about 10 years.

Turkey and Tradition draws a lot of people to Eagle River every November.

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Holiday Model Train Show Opens in MinocquaSubmitted: 11/28/2014

MINOCQUA - If Black Friday and the snow didn't get you into the Christmas spirit just yet, a local train display could help.

The Northwoods Model Railroad Club opened Santa's Village Friday.

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Local author writes book after 11 years of researchSubmitted: 11/28/2014

PRESQUE ISLE - You can learn a lot about your family history after 11 years of research.

Presque Isle's Richard Fields now knows five generations of his family name, and 1200 people related to him.

He started his research in 2003. Fields finished this year.

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What We're Working OnSubmitted: 11/28/2014

- People in the Northwoods didn't let the chillier temperatures stop them from heading out for Black Friday this morning.

- Kids in Eagle River got a special treat at the Northwoods Children's Museum. The museum brought in two live turkeys for their annual Turkey and Traditions event. Every November, two turkeys are brought in to help teach kids about where their Thanksgiving meal comes from. Hear about the importance of the program coming up on Newswatch 12 tonight.

- If you're not in the Christmas spirit yet, a local model train show can help transport you to Santa's Village.

- And homemade pizzas turn into more than sauce and dough at one Eagle River household. We'll meet Gary Anderson tonight on Newswatch 12 and tell you how his pizza making turned into a fundraising tool to help people in the Northwoods.

We'll have the details on these stories and more tonight on Newswatch 12 - news from where you live.

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National forest seeking committee membersSubmitted: 11/27/2014

RHINELANDER - Federal officials are looking for people to join two Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest advisory committees.

One committee serves the Chequamegon portion of the forest in northwestern Wisconsin. The other serves the Nicolet portion in northeastern Wisconsin. Both panels work to improve relationships between forest users and advise forestry officials on which projects to undertake and spending.

Each committee is made up of 15 members who represent diverse interest groups. Members must be Wisconsin residents and be willing to serve a four-year term.

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Rhinelander residents can give input on city's futureSubmitted: 11/27/2014

RHINELANDER - People living in Rhinelander will find something extra with their tax bills this year.

They'll get a survey.

Cities are required by law to create a comprehensive plan.

They create a new plan every decade.

City leaders hope the survey results will help them plan for the city's future.

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