Yard maintenance being recognized in Rhinelander Submitted: 07/30/2014
RHINELANDER - Summertime can mean a lot of yard work for homeowners. It's a time for people with green thumbs to show off their skills and to make flowers bloom.

A group in Rhinelander wants to recognize people and businesses for their exceptional yards.

Yard of the Month was introduced to Rhinelander by former city administrator Bill Bell. The community where he used to live had a similar program. So he approached Master Gardeners of the North to see if they would be willing to partner with the city.

Robert G. Heck, of Heck Capital Advisors, takes his landscaping seriously. "I've always liked landscaping. And we tried to put up a beautiful building here as kind of a gateway here into Rhinelander."

Heck Capital Advisors is the recipient of the Commercial Yard of the Month award for July. That's an honor that Heck is really proud of, "I love Rhinelander, and we want to do well for Rhinelander," said Heck. "This was a chance to set things up and maybe help the process along."

This is the fifth year of Yard of the Month in Rhinelander. The city started the program to encourage beautiful lawns, and to recognize those going even further.

"What they're looking for is something that is a little above and beyond," said Diane Dei Rossi, a member of Master Gardeners of the North, "If there's a lawn it needs to be neat and trimmed. We also look for nice use of shrubs and flowers."

Three awards are given out each month. The Traditional and Blooming residence awards are given to homeowners with exceptional lawn and flower displays. There is also a Commercial yard of the month, given to a business with an exceptional front yard.

In order to qualify as a Yard of the Month Candidate, your yard needs to be visible from the road. "It's about what you can see when you drive by, and how it enhances your neighborhood," said Dei Rossi.

Resident winners receive a certificate, signed by the mayor and the city administrator. They also receive a sign that will be placed in their yard for the duration of the month. And lastly, they receive a $50 credit on their water utility bill. However, commercial winners don't receive the credit toward their water utility bill. But to Robert, the recognition is more than enough.

Master Gardeners of the North have already started judging the August nominees. They are also accepting nominations for September. If you know of a yard that is worthy of being the next Yard of the Month, you can nominate them by contacting the Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce at 715-365-7464 or info@rhinelanderchamber.com.

Story By: Anthony Bruno

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Campers help the communitySubmitted: 07/30/2014

RHINELANDER - Many campers come to the Northwoods to enjoy outdoor activities, but for some, it's all about giving back to the community.

A group of 30 students from four-years old through high school age take a week of their summer to attend Crescent Lake Bible Camp.

While they're at camp, they spend their days working on different projects around Rhinelander. Today, they're using their vacation time to improve the pavilions at Hodag Park.

"Today we're prepping and painting the pavilions," says 16-year-old Tylor Hoople. "They have thousands of staples in them. We're pulling all the staples and we're repainting them to make them look a lot better for the park."

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Coal crisis could resemble last year's propane crisisSubmitted: 07/30/2014

NORTHWOODS - Some Wisconsin power companies worry a coal crisis this winter could mirror last year's propane crisis. Rural areas in Price, Taylor, and Iron Counties could be especially vulnerable.

Dairyland Power Cooperative says coal shipments used to be two or three times more frequent than they are now.

Dairyland supplies coal power to groups like the Price and Taylor Electric Cooperatives, which send power to rural homes and businesses.

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Man who stashed meth under his seat in court will spend 60 more days in jailSubmitted: 07/30/2014

ONEIDA COUNTY - Oneida County prosecutors couldn't believe how stupid a Tomahawk man was to try and pull a stunt while in court in April.

They say 30-year-old Kurtis Cline tried to stash a bag of meth under his seat cushion in court. Now, Cline will be punished on those charges.

Cline is already serving a six-month jail sentence for theft. Now, he'll have to spend 60 more days in jail for the meth incident.

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Input sought on proposed ATV trailSubmitted: 07/30/2014

RHINELANDER - The DNR wants your input regarding a proposed area ATV trail.

A public open house will be held August 19th at the Northwoods Community Elementary School in Harshaw.

People will have the chance to talk about the proposed trail for a portion of the Woodboro Lakes Wildlife Area.

The Nokomis ATV Club has asked for an ATV trail to be added across the southeast portion of the wildlife area.

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Caseload motivates Vilas County judge to ask for another judge in countySubmitted: 07/29/2014

EAGLE RIVER - Vilas County Judge Neal Nielsen sometimes feels rushed while in the courtroom.

The large number of cases he needs to hear requires the court calendar to keep moving.

That number of cases has steadily increased over the last several years.

That's why Nielsen is pushing for a second judge in Vilas County.

"Judge need" is measured by a statistic called weighted case load.

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Three Lakes business enjoying a successful first summer in businessSubmitted: 07/29/2014

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THREE LAKES - A Northwoods store offering a little bit of everything calls its first summer in business a success so far.

Three Lakes Mercantile and General Store opened up earlier this summer.

Every inch of the store is covered with something.

The store manager says that it's a "one stop shop" for anything you need.

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Hand, foot and mouth disease spreading around NorthwoodsSubmitted: 07/29/2014

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NORTHWOODS - A virus that usually affects kids seems to be spreading around the Northwoods.

Pediatricians we spoke with have seen more people with hand, foot and mouth disease come in during the last month.

The symptoms include a fever, mouth sores and a rash on the hands and feet, but the rash can be found on other parts of the body.

The infection is spread through close contact including through saliva, coughing and sneezing.

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