Manufacturing jobs on the rise in the NorthwoodsSubmitted: 07/19/2017

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RHINELANDER - Those looking for jobs in manufacturing don't have to go to a big city to get a job. There are a lot of opportunities right here in the Northwoods.

Nicolet College held a manufacturing expo with both educators and employers Wednesday to show the community what opportunities are available in the field.

"It's just a really good opportunity to see what the education pathway looks like for manufacturing, but then also that end game at the very end to see what the sacrifice was worth when you look at employment opportunities," said Nicolet College Career Coach Angeline Kesler.

People learned about jobs in welding, electromechanics, and industrial mechanics.

"There are a wide variety. There are anything from the basic welding to reading blueprints, putting products together but also the robotics of the equipment, maintaining those robotics, creating how the electronics work within them, so it's a really wide variety of fields," said Kesler.

She says jobs in manufacturing provide a sustainable wage and are also in high demand right now.

"The biggest thing is just to show people that there are a lot of really good job opportunities in this area," said Pioneer Equipment office manager Ricky Brice. "I think it kind of goes unknown sometimes that there are very good careers and well-paying jobs here right in their back door."

Nicolet offers both short- and long-term training in manufacturing, ranging from six months to two years.

Story By: Rose McBride

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SUGAR CAMP - Equipped with a box full of tools and their trusty canoe, Aubrey Nycz and Tom Boisvert hit the water ready to search Wednesday morning.

"It's kind of like a little scavenger hunt," Nycz said.

The duo from the Oneida County Aquatic Invasive Species program hunted Paradise Lake northwest of Sugar Camp for items like Chinese mystery snails and Eurasian Watermilfoil, noting where they're located and how much of the species there is in the area.

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RHINELANDER - You don't typically see blood, needles, and Band-Aids in a park.

But Pioneer Park in Rhinelander is one stop of many for the Community Blood Center's MASH Blood Drive.
And John Knudsen is one avid donor.

"[I donate] as often as possible," said Knudsen.

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MERRILL - As soon as two days after police found 55-year-old Kevin Monroe dead in a Merrill home in January 2016, they started treating the death as a homicide.

But for the next year and a half, no one was charged in the case.

That changed on Friday, when the county prosecutor charged Monroe's 21-year-old son, Tyler, with his father's murder.

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RHINELANDER - The Oneida County Department on Aging wants to make sure that when people get up in years, their activity levels don't go down. 

The department wants to stress that it's not a retirement home. In fact, it's a place that's filled with life and activity.

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THREE LAKES - You can easily find a lake in Wisconsin. There are 1,100 in Oneida County alone.

So it makes sense that one Northwoods museum would see the historical importance behind water. The Three Lakes Historical Museum has an exhibit up now that talks about how water has shaped Wisconsin from the ice age to today.

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MADISON - A legislative committee is set to consider a bill that would restrict conservation wardens' ability to enter private land to enforce Wisconsin law.

Case law has established that evidence wardens collect in open fields without a warrant, probable cause or reasonable suspicion of a crime is admissible in court.

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ANTIGO - Antigo High School welcomed 35 kids from around the state on Tuesday night for a performance. They're part of the Kids from Wisconsin group that tours the Midwest. Two of the performers are from Antigo.

Brennon Brown graduated from Antigo High School this year. This is his first tour with the Kids from Wisconsin.

This years' performance theme is 'Head Out On the Highway.' The show takes the audience on a road trip to famous places known for music.

"The entire drive up I was just thinking of the memories that I created here with the people that were sitting in this audience and it's just such a great feeling to come back," said Brown.

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