Price County Fair adds monster trucks this year, hoping for community support Submitted: 06/25/2017

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PHILLIPS - Being a part of a community can mean support and lasting relationships. That's true for many people living in Price County.

This year, the annual county fair needs the community's help more than ever. On Saturday, a Community Day was held on the fairgrounds in hopes of raising money.

"If you don't have a community you can't have these amazing events," said Price County Fair Board Member Amanda Seitz.

Seitz grew up a part of 4-H and has participated in the Price County Fair for years. 4-H is a national organization for kids. At the Price County Fair there are several exhibits done by the 4-H kids in the area.

"Now I have kids and I have them in 4-H and they're doing things at the Price County Fair as well so it is a really big thing to me and it's just a really big part of my life," said Seitz.

The Price County Fair isn't just important to Seitz and her kids. It's a community event that has brought people together for years.

"I actually set up a booth at the fair [and] I've been doing that for the last three years and it's a great time to come out. There's lots of different things going on [and] rides for the kids of all ages," said Kathy Mindock from Prentice.

This year, organizers thought it might be time to change things up. Monster trucks will be new to this year's fair.

"People like to see the change and you can have the same thing every year, but people get bored of it. The more that we can raise and bring in each year maybe we can try to get something bigger and better every year," said Terri Franson, who works with the Phillips Children's Museum.

"We figured we'd try to do something different [and] get something different so that's it's not the same old, same old fair that a lot of people still think it is," said Mike Franson, who works with the Phillips Children's Museum.

It's an exciting addition, but it cost about $18,000, which is why the fair needs help. Even though it's adding something new, the community ties will always stay the same.

"We put these events on to make our community happy [and] to give them something to do. Instead of trying to find somewhere else to go to have a good time with their family, their friends, and to make amazing memories with them," said Seitz.

The Price County Fair will run from August 23rd through August 27th.

For more information on the fair, click on the link below.

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Story By: Allie Herrera

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