People learn how to identify AIS, inspect boats at workshop in RhinelanderSubmitted: 05/05/2016
RHINELANDER - Many boaters will spend this weekend on Northwoods lakes, but with more boats comes an increased risk of spreading aquatic invasive species. 

Some Oneida County conservationists hope education will protect the lakes this year.

That's why they held this year's first Clean Boats, Clean Waters workshop in Rhinelander Thursday evening.
People need to look for a variety of different AIS on boats. 

"Typically we're looking at Eurasian Water Milfoil, early in the season Curly Leaf Pond Weed, we also put a lot of emphasis on not transporting water, to the north of us Vilas County has spiny water flea," says Oneida County Conservationist Michele Sadauskas. 

People from Pelican, Squash, and Two Sisters Lakes were at the workshop, but AIS workers say it's about more than just learning to inspect boats.

They hope the more people talk about AIS, will help prevent it. 
"We're talking and we're teaching them just how to have that conversation. Of course they're looking for what's coming in and out of the water, but the big thing is just to have a conversation with the boaters about how to not spread aquatic invasive species," Sadauskas says. 

The group holds multiple trainings a year. 

The next one will take place May 24th in Minocqua.

Story By: Kaitlyn Howe

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