Students in the Northwoods compete in a regional history competitionSubmitted: 03/25/2017
MINOQUA - Students often create projects for class, but it isn't every day that students create projects for regional competitions. Many Northwoods students gathered in Minocqua to compete in a history day competition.

"This year's theme is called taking a stand in history," said Lakeland Union High School's Department Chair of Social Studies Mike Mestelle.

LUHS hosted the Northwoods Regional of the National History Day Project.

"We have about 150 students competing here today," said Mestelle.

This is the second year the school has been a regional host for the competition. The National History Day program is based in Madison.

"So getting people in the Northwoods was more difficult, but moving the regional up north here to Lakeland has helped get more of the northern schools involved," said Mestelle.

The academic program's goal is to help students grades six through 12 learn more about history.
Students choose an event, person, or group that relates to the year's theme.

Then they present their project in a paper, website, exhibit, documentary, or performance format.

"I did a performance for National History Day," said 8th grader Nicole Swanson from Rhinelander.

Swanson made an exhibit the first two years she participated, but decided to try out performance this year.
"I'm in theatre and I found out I really like theatre," said Swanson.

She wrote and performed a script about Major General Lafayette who fought in the Revolutionary War. Swason first learned of him through the musical Hamilton.

"Lafayette was actually in the musical and I've always loved French language, so there was a French man and I was obsessed with this musical and I'm like 'Let's do this, this works for me,'" said Swanson.

Overall Swason enjoyed performing.

"It was very fun, I liked it," said Swason.

Three winners are chosen from each project type and age group. Those students will go to the state competition in April.

"It'll be nice for our students to go on to Madison and it's always good when people from the Northwoods get recognition at the state level," said Mestelle.

If students win at the state level, they will then go to the national competition at the University of Maryland in June. Mestelle says students that win at the national level could get a $30,000 college scholarship.

Story By: Dakota Sherek

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ROTHSCHILD - The Latest on a shooting in northern Wisconsin that left a police officer and three others dead (all times local):

4:45 p.m.

The police detective killed in a string of shootings that left three others dead and the suspect injured is being remembered as a friend who would help another in a heartbeat.

Forty-year-old Jason Weiland was a detective for the Everest Metro Police Department. He died Wednesday when he was shot in the line of duty.

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MARATHON COUNTY - People living in the Aspen Apartments in Weston said they're still shaken up by shootings from two days ago.

Neighbors who lived in the same building as the suspect, Nengmy Vang, say some of them have been allowed to come back to their apartments today.

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Kristopher Torgerson sat quietly and didn't show any emotions Friday night as a jury convicted him of 1st-degree intentional homicide and hiding a corpse.

However, many other people burst into tears as the verdict was read.

The jury came back with its decision around 6:30 p.m. after more than five hours of deliberation.

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RHINELANDER - It's barely 6 a.m. on Wednesday, and this group is already breathing hard.

About a dozen members of the YMCA of the Northwoods pedal fast and slow, their bike shoes spinning up and down.

Judi Linder is drenched in sweat. But class members like her keep coming back.

"It's been seven-plus years that I've been doing Sue's spin class," Linder says.

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WAUSAU AREA - Organizations in the greater Wausau area set up funds remembering and honoring the victims of Wednesday's shootings.

A Marathon Savings Bank fund will support the families of the two bank employees shot. Dianne Look had worked at Marathon Savings Bank for almost 19 years, and Karen Barclay had been there for more than six years.

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ST. GERMAIN - A school bus doesn't feature a lot of amenities. Seats, windows, and that's about it. But a company out of St. Germain thinks buses, and other big vehicles, make the perfect kitchens.

Caged Crow Fabrication is owned by Josh Romaker. He moved to the Northwoods about three years ago. Around the same time a woman in Madison approached him to help refurbish an old camper. He decided to make it into a food truck instead.

"We took on the challenge and that first build was featured on US Today and some magazines and our phone just started ringing. We've got them in Denver, Salt Lake City, New Jersey," said Romaker.

That was just the beginning for Romaker's company, Caged Crow Fabrication in St. Germain. They now specialize in food trucks of all kinds.

"If a customer wants a food truck that looks like a barn or a steam train or a school bus conversion, we really stick to the unique food truck builds," said Romaker.

The 1982 bus that Caged Crow Fabrication is working on now will be complete in a little over a month. The team made up of just a few workers has one rule- they never build the same thing twice. And they take their time.

"We have a sign on the wall here that says 'quality over quantity'. I think our reputation right now is really based on the attention to detail and I think we want to keep that up," said Romaker.

If you're interested in checking out more work from Caged Crow Fabrication, follow the link below.

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MARATHON COUNTY - The suspect in a Wisconsin shooting spree that left four people dead has been identified, and court records show one of the victims was his wife's divorce lawyer.

A person close to the investigation identified the suspect Friday as 45-year old Nengmy Vang. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the person wasn't authorized to speak ahead of authorities officially identifying Vang.

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