Price County woman chosen as Harley-Davidson summer intern Submitted: 06/20/2018

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PRICE COUNTY - Sitting on a bike is where Tessa Otto finds her freedom. 

"Riding on a Harley is unlike any feeling you're ever going to have," said Tessa as she stood beside her 2018 Street Glide Special.

"This is probably the coolest thing I'll ever do in my life. I'm peaking now at 20," said Tessa with a laugh. 

That may be true, but there's a reason this Price County native is riding a Harley.

Tessa, who's a graduate of Phillips High School, was chosen as one of eight Harley-Davidson summer interns. The "Find Your Freedom" internship aims to inspire new riders and is a push by the Milwaukee-based company to grow the sport. 

More than 7,500 people applied from more than 30 countries including South Africa, Russia, and Egypt. 

Tessa, who's going to be a senior at UW-Oshkosh, and the other interns who come from all over the world will share their adventures on social media. 

Tessa's dad, Greg, never imagined his daughter would be representing a company he knows all too well.
"He bought his in '95 and I was born in '97 so all throughout my life that's what he drove," said Tessa. 

"I started out just little short rides around our rural area with them sitting in between my legs," said Greg. 

Tessa says growing up in the small town of Kennan, which has a population of about 130, helped her find her freedom. She also loves being a part of something her dad is so passionate about. 

"Everyone wants to be like their dad. Everyone wants to make their dad proud," said Tessa. 

Now, riding alongside her dad, Tessa's finding an even deeper meaning to freedom. She's hoping to help others through the Harley-Davidson internship find there's. 

"[I want to] kind of getting in touch with people who don't necessarily know what their freedom is or don't have a good grasp on life. [I want to do] whatever I can do to kind of inspire them a little bit," said Tessa. 

Tessa and the other interns went through Harley's riding academy before getting their bikes. At the end of the internship, they actually get to keep them. 

You can follow Tessa on her Instagram page. She and the other interns will be sharing more about their experiences this summer.

Story By: Allie Herrera

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A U.S. Marine wanted special cabin where veterans and their families could grieve the loss of others.

Matt Raimer never got to see that cabin built.  He lived until he was 25.  Now, Raimer's family is teaming with Camp American Legion in Lake Tomahawk to build Matt's dream.

Work started on a project at Camp American Legion in Lake Tomahawk Wednesday.

The project offers families of America's fallen service members a place to heal and grieve away from the noise of daily life.

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EAGLE RIVER - Building a new house comes with its share of struggles, but usually a trapped animal isn't one of them.

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RHINELANDER - You could forgive Tom Marquardt for not wanting to chat for too long Wednesday morning.

"I'm a little behind," Marquardt admitted.

The volunteer of 12 years got his rototiller running (after a few extra pulls) with a lot of work ahead of him.

"Probably run it for about four hours and that's about how much vibration I can take!" Marquardt laughed.

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MERRILL - Lincoln Community Bank will get a new owner this fall.

The Merrill-based bank was bought by mBank, which is based in the Upper Peninsula.

Lincoln Community Bank has branches in Merrill and Gleason.

The transaction will increase mBank's number branch locations from 29 to 31.

Eight are in Wisconsin.

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MERRILL - As Linda DeBroux walks through Merrill High School, she can see the halls she helped create.

What started as plain, whitewashed walls now look like an art gallery. For each of the last 13 summers, DeBroux has guided a select group of her art students to create murals to fill the walls.

"When I walk down, I don't just see the painting, I see the student, right there, painting on that wall," she said Wednesday. "I think of all the struggles, the struggle points they had, and parts where they celebrated."

Murals by ten students this week will bring the total to 157 on school walls. Like it does every summer, it will take long days to accomplish the project.

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Caged Crow Customs in Saint Germain is getting so much national attention, the business' small garage is busting at the seams trying to keep up with all the projects.

"You gotta tip-toe to fit things where you can," said Caged Crow Customs Mobile Kitchen Manufacturer employee Jeremiah Hughes.

Right now, Caged Crow Customs turns trucks, cars, trailers and even buses into food trucks with a completely re-vamped new look.

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RHINELANDER - Nicolet College offers incoming students a faster way to get through the hassle of the college application process.Wednesday's "Quick Start" day in Rhinelander gave students one-on-one attention with career coaches and college advisors.

Nicolet staff walked students through applications, assessments and financial aid to make sure they don't get overwhelmed.

Career coach Angeline von Neupert said "Quick Start" gives students and staff an opportunity to get to know each other.

"It's really neat to get to know the students individually and kind of walk them through the process. It's cool to come together as a team. We're usually scheduling them and then they come back and go back and forth," said von Neupert

Fall classes start in August. If students missed Quick Start day they can schedule a meeting with a Nicolet College advisor.

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