Marine from Texas visits Eagle River alongside other veteransSubmitted: 09/25/2016
EAGLE RIVER - In Eagle River this weekend, seven wounded warriors from around the country were able to enjoy the relaxation of being outdoors.

Marine Tyson Scott always wondered how outdoor activities helped people heal.

He may never know the answer to that question, but what he does know is the outdoors has helped him and many other veterans.

"I've seen it save lives and everything, so it's just kind of one of those things that I really believe in and that's why I'm here," said Texas native Tyson Scott.

Scott joined in the Marines right out of high school in 2003.

"I'd barely turned 18 when I hit the yellow foot prints in San Diego. I did a lot of learning in those three months," said Scott.

Three years later, Scott was in Iraq when an explosion permanently injured his right foot. That accident left him with broken bones, but not a broken spirit.

"I wouldn't take it back for anything. I'd get blown up again. It doesn't matter. I love my time and how I've lived life to this point," said Scott.

Now, he's part of the Wounded Warriors in Action foundation that brings together wounded Purple Heart veterans from all over the country.

This weekend, seven of those men traveled to Eagle River. Some came from as far as Pennsylvania and others from right here in the Northwoods.

"These guys have given so much. They are true American heroes and boy, it's the least we could do," said fishing legend Joe Bucher.

Bucher helped the veterans learn some new fishing skills and catch muskies. He knows just how important these moments can be.

"No matter where they live and what they're doing, we get to take them into our world for an afternoon and it's just...it doesn't get any better than that," said Bucher.

A world that's bringing together warriors from all walks of life.

"We can get out here. We can sit around the campfire and just have fun," said Scott.

Story By: Allie Herrera

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