Rhinelander man faces charges for using a gun in downtown Rhinelander while drunkSubmitted: 09/02/2015
RHINELANDER - A Rhinelander man faces charges for using a gun while drunk.

Prosecutors say 23-year-old Anthony Sackett shot a gun early Saturday morning in downtown Rhinelander.

It happened during a verbal fight near Brown and Davenport Streets around 12:35 a.m. 

According to court documents, Sackett told police he had six drinks that night.

The criminal complaint says Sackett was arguing with another man outside.

The other man simulated shooting a shotgun.

That's when Sackett grabbed his gun out of his car.

Sackett told police he dropped the clip on the sidewalk and told the other man "if you shoot me, I'm going to kill you."  Sackett added "This does not need to happen."

He told police the gun was fired in the air and that he didn't point it at anyone.

After his arrest, Sackett told police "there was no harmful intent.  I obviously wasn't trying to shoot anybody, because I promise you, if I was trying to shoot somebody, somebody would be dead tonight."

Rhinelander's Police Chief Mike Steffes is happy they were able to find Sackett quickly.

"We're very fortunate and happy that the public was able to be safe through this event and that no injuries occurred," Steffes says. "The officers, as well as the deputies were so quick through the witness information to be able to apprehend the suspect before any further damage could be done."

Sackett faces six misdemeanors for firing the gun, and for having drugs. 

He was in court on Monday. 

He's out of jail on a $1,000 cash bond. 

He'll be back in court later in September.

Story By: Kaitlyn Howe

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