Northwoods man raising money to help accident victim go to school, live a normal lifeSubmitted: 09/14/2014

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RHINELANDER - An accident can change someone's life in a matter of seconds. A Northwoods teen had to put his job, school, and friends on hold after he was hit head on by a car.

Joey Balocca didn't know his life would change when he got on his motorcycle to drive home last summer.

"It was about 10:30 at night. I was coming home from my girlfriend's birthday. Then, out of nowhere a suburban pulled out and hit me head on. It came right into my lane," says Balocca. "My leg was basically crushed between my bike and the suburban."

A nearby neighbor heard the crash.

"We were sitting in my backyard, which is about 600 yards from the site of the accident," explained William Nosek. "We heard a sound that sounded like someone hit a piece of plywood with a 2x4."

Nosek knew he needed to help.

"I jumped in my car and ran down [to the accident.] I have a little bit of training in that and I thought maybe I could help until the paramedics got there," says Nosek.

Balocca was flown to St. Joseph's Hospital in Marshfield. His leg was badly hurt and his life was put on hold.

"I was going to start going to college. My original plan was to start going to Nicolet," says Balocca. "But, all of that had to be put off to the side for months and months of recovery, and just learning how to walk again."

After months of recovery, Balocca was able to walk again, but he still can't do everything he used to.

"I can't fully squat down, I can't bend my knee is certain ways," says Balocca. "I can't sit on my knees. It just hurts and it doesn't feel comfortable."

Balocca's family went to the scene of the accident and met Nosek. After talking with the family, he wanted to do something to help.

"College is not cheap so every little bit of help we can do, we'll certainly try to help," says Nosek.

Nosek decided to set up a fundraiser at the Grand Opening of his business. He set up donation boxes throughout the store. On September 26th, he'll use his store to raise more money.

"We're going to run an auction specifically for his benefit," says Nosek. "Just to help raise an extra few dollars to cover expenses and things for this young man."

Nosek's help has already allowed Balocca to go back to school. He's enrolled at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He's grateful for caring neighbors like Nosek.

"I like to hear that this is happening. It means a lot to me," says Balocca. "I never expected this to happen. It's just very nice."

If you want to donate any items for the auction, you can call (715) 420-2005.

Story By: Karolina Buczek

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Local businesses profit from Tomahawk Fall Ride Submitted: 09/14/2014

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TOMAHAWK - Most motorcyclists left Tomahawk after an eventful weekend, but some still stuck around Sunday to shop. That really boost business for stores downtown.

You could find bikers shopping up and down Wisconsin Street all Sunday. Tomahawk Surplus Store has been in business for 58 years. The co-owner, Jim Wise, has seen the 33rd Tomahawk Fall Ride start from the beginning. He also knows which stores profit from the event and which don't.

"If you have a flower shop, you probably won't do as well, but the money is in the community. What I noticed is that it really helps the non-profit organizations, said Wise. "A lot of their annual fundraising in two or three days here, which is helpful for them. The money stays in the region and it supports their cause or events."

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Preventing Lyme Disease in the NorthwoodsSubmitted: 09/14/2014

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MINOCQUA - Lyme Disease can be dangerous if you don't treat it. The faster you know you have it, the better chance you have at getting rid of it. The only way to do that is to know what symptoms to look out for.

That's why Jillayne and Jeff Waite of Arbor Vitae talked to a group of people at the Church of the Pines in Minocqua Sunday. Their daughter was diagnosed with Lyme Disease 11 years ago. They then were bitten by a infected tick a couple years after she was diagnosed, but they were able to catch it in time.

"I've had it twice, but I caught it early. Thanks to my daughter, with what we've learn after going through all of this with my daughter, we know the symptoms to look for and what action to take if we see those symptoms," said Lyme Disease Awareness Network Co-Founder Jeff Waite.

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3 hurt in 2 motorcycle crashSubmitted: 09/14/2014

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LINCOLN COUNTY - A two motorcycle crash put three people in the hospital. The crash happened on County Highway A in Lincoln County just after 9:20 Sunday morning.

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Family makes first step to help build their new homeSubmitted: 09/14/2014

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RHINELANDER - Oneida and Vilas County need programs like Habitat for Humanity to help families in need. It can be difficult to live in a nice home in those counties. Sunday, one Rhinelander family took the first step to build their new home.

This is one small step for the Bohn family's new home.

"It's very surreal. Everything is surreal that it's finally happening. It's very awesome. I'm very excited about it," said Greg Bohn.

This will be the 19th home Habitat for Humanity Northwoods Affiliate has put in the Vilas and Oneida County. They're trying to give families who want nicer homes, but can't afford it and give them options to choose from.

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Marshfield man suspected in Packers ticket scamSubmitted: 09/14/2014

MARSHFIELD - Marshfield police say a scammer has been bilking local businesses by saying he can acquire Green Bay Packers tickets, and then failing to deliver the goods.

Police have identified a number of potential victims. They suspect that more victims have yet to come forward.

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Kids learn about Northwoods animals Submitted: 09/13/2014

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MANITOWISH WATERS - Some parents take their kids on a nature walk to learn more about Northwoods animals, but some kids in Manitowish Waters learned about Northwoods creatures in a fun format.

North Lakeland Discovery Center held its first Northwoods Wildlife Fest Saturday. They want kids and parents to have a better understanding of Northwoods animals.

Leaders for the event set up stations such as be a bat biologist to help kids understand what species they are.

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One hurt in two motorcycle accident Submitted: 09/13/2014

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TOMAHAWK - A woman will recover after a motorcycle fell on her leg Saturday.

A person who saw the two motorcycle accident says the motorcyclists were headed east on highway 8 near County Road A. The accident happened around 4:30 p.m.

The witness says one of the motorcyclists planned on turning into Oaks Pub, but they stopped too soon. That's when the motorcyclists following behind them tried to avoid hitting them, but the bike fell on the passenger.

"I ran right over there, gave them a blanket to put on her so she wasn't shocked. The bike was still laying on her when I got over there," said Good Samaritan Marla Haman. "They pulled the bike off of her. Her ankle was visibly broken."

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