Crandon's Senior Snoop Shop opens for 40th seasonSubmitted: 06/26/2017

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CRANDON - Many people move to the Northwoods to retire. But some Forest County retirees still want to be productive and make a little money.

That's where the Senior Snoop Shop in Crandon comes in. The shop sells handcrafted pieces made by senior citizens in the area.

"The shop is always different because we have different consignees and people make different things so it's never the same. Even from week to week. It's never exactly the same," said Snoop Shop President Marge Scardino.

This is the 40th season the shop opened its doors.

They sell different items like dish cloths, baby clothes, rugs, and household items.

"We get people coming in here all the time who say, 'oh gosh, I come in here every year and I have a list of people in the office who want scrubbies, or dish cloths, or refrigerator towels, or whatever it might be,'" said Scardino.

There are more than 30 senior citizens from around Forest County selling their crafts in the shop.

"It's good because of the good it does for the people who make use of it and also when local people come in a shop they feel good that they're helping," said Scardino.

Scardino also says she enjoys selling her crafts because it keeps her busy and she likes seeing others get good use out of the items.

"It's kind of fun to watch what interests other people. Some of the things in the shop [make me think] 'oh, they like that and they have a reason to use that' and that's interesting to me," said Scardino.

The Snoop Shop opened up Memorial Day weekend and will be open through Labor Day weekend. The shop is located on South Lake Avenue.

Story By: Allie Herrera

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