Lt. Gov. Kleefisch talks property taxes during Northwoods visitSubmitted: 07/30/2015
EAGLE RIVER - Gov. Walker's administration often promises to lower property taxes.

And this year, it has.

But the cuts are pretty small. Wisconsin's budget agency predicts the average home will save $1 this year and $2 next year . 

But Lt. Gov. Recca Kleefisch thinks even cuts that small still represent an important downward trend.

"Well, you can look at it this way: Would you rather your property taxes go up or down?" Kleefisch said. "Would you rather have your property taxes lower this year and then lower next year than they were in 2010? Or would you rather be on the path that they went up 27 percent over the previous decade?"

Kleefisch said lowering taxes would attract more business to Wisconsin and encourage more spending.

Kleefisch is in the Northwoods for a few days this week as part of a trip that promotes tourism in the area.

Story By: Stephanie Haines

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RHINELANDER - In 2003, two bikers found the body of Kenneth Wells in the Wisconsin River behind Trig's in Rhinelander.

At first, police believed Wells drowned. But, more than a decade later, investigators took another look at the case—and this time they called it a homicide. 

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RHINELANDER - Parents try to keep their kids safe in the sun, but what happens when parents aren't around to put sunblock on them?

Earlier this week, NBC shared a story about two Oklahoma boys who got terrible sunburns during a preschool trip to the park. The boys' mother says teachers didn't put any sunblock on her kids.

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WAUSAU - The Wausau School District will use a large grant to renovate the school's planetarium. The current Wausau School District planetarium was built in the late 1960s, and it needs some upgrades.

The school just received a $230 thousand grant to complete the project. It is expected to take two years to complete.

"The first year is running the software, showing it, using it in our classrooms in our curriculum," said planetarium director Chris Janssen. "Finding out, 'is this going to work 100% of the time?' Year two then is going to be the actual, physical structure upgrades. The dome will get replaced, seats, cement contractors will come in and tilt the floor and so-on."

The planetarium can hold 54 people, and organizers are hoping to keep it that way.

"For curricular needs, when you have two classes come in, and the classes are about 26 kids each, you gotta have that sweet spot of about 50-54 seats. When you tilt the floor, you lose some space, so I really want to try and keep it at about 50 seats."

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MARSHFIELD - Marshfield will break ground for its new library tomorrow morning. The ceremony and small dig is thanks to years of work.

The city will build the new library on the corner of Maple Avenue and Veterans Parkway. That's practically Kitty-corner to the current library, which will become a community center.

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RHINELANDER - A Norther Lights Tour scientist explained Rhinelander's role in potato breeding and genetic studies on Wednesday night.

Every year about 50,000 varieties of potato are tested to see if they could be commercially sold.

Only about one in a 100,000 will become a named potato variety.

"The Rhinelander agriculture research station on Highway C is really where that process starts by making the cross pollination, raising those plants for the first time in a greenhouse and then evaluating them in the fields there for a couple years," said UW- Madison Assistant Professor of Horticulture Jeffry Endelman.

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MADISON - A convicted sex offender from Rhinelander can keep pictures of children he cut out of magazines.

A state appeals court dismissed new charges against Albert Chagnon Thursday.

Prosecutors charged the 33-year-old last year with 23 counts of intentionally photographing a minor without consent. Chagnon was about to be released from prison when a guard discovered a notebook in his pants containing photographs of fully-clothed young girls cut out of magazines or newspapers, including the Lakeland Times.

Chagnon argued that the charges should be dismissed because he didn't take the photographs. The 4th District Court of Appeals agreed with him Thursday, saying state law doesn't cover Chagnon's conduct.

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RHINELANDER - Getting to and from the fair might be a little tougher the rest of the weekend. A detour is in place to keep fair goers safe.

Road workers say it might slow you down, but it is important to follow the marked signs.

"On Oneida Avenue, we can have handicap parking for the people that need it, along with emergency vehicle access, so the emergency vehicles don't get trapped if they are needed," said Tony Gillman, Street Superintendent for Rhinelander.

You can park near the old hospital, on Ocala Street where trolley rides to the fair will be available. Areas for walking are set up as well.

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