Police shoot and kill man after high speed chase, standoff near Merrill Submitted: 07/26/2016
LINCOLN COUNTY - A high-speed chase across county lines early Tuesday morning ended with one man shot dead and a small community rattled. It all started with a traffic stop in Antigo, shots at police, and a tense standoff near Merrill.

For Daniel Lemke, Tuesday morning started with more frightening action than he's ever seen.

"I heard the cops go east first, then come back, then the guy came down the road," said Lemke.

The Pine River man saw police lights from his house and heard shouting from the driveway right next door.

"The cops were yelling at him to show them his hands, then he took off again on them," said Lemke. "After that I didn't see him no more. The cops came and there was gunfire."

Just after 6:00a.m., an Antigo police officer pulled a driver over in town. Antigo Police Chief Eric Roller said the driver was pulled over because the plates on the car he was driving didn't come back to the right car. When pulled over, Roller said the driver shot at the officer two times. The driver then raced away on Highway 64 into Lincoln County.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office stopped the car with stop sticks just east of Merrill, but the man then got out with a gun and started an hour long standoff.

"We had some dialogue with him to try to surrender," said Lincoln County Sheriff Jeff Jaeger. "Ultimately that failed, and unfortunately the individual was fatally injured by officers."

Sheriff Jaeger says while the officers involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative leave, he thinks they made the right call to keep people safe.

"I'm certainly concerned with the traumatic effect it has on them," said Jaeger. "I think that's something that the public isn't always cognizant of, but it's a life changing event for them."

Neighbors in the area say it was a scary sight for their tight-knit community to hear gunshots and see police lights, but they're happy police could keep them safe.

"They did the job I thought very well," said Lemke. "They made sure my kids were in the house, and called my neighbors, and tried to secure everybody first. And they did their job."

The Department of Criminal Investigation is investigating the shooting. 

Story By: Mary O'Connell

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EAGLE RIVER - Over the last few years, Lac du Flambeau's Frank Schuman, a mixed martial arts athlete, rose to become one of the top King of the Cage fighters in the nation.

Nicknamed "Nightmare," he drew large crowds to see him fight in Lac du Flambeau. Newswatch 12 even did a pair of feature stories on him in 2015 and 2016.

But on Tuesday, Schuman went before a judge in Vilas County Court, charged with eleven counts related to battery and domestic abuse.

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WISCONSIN - Mud, debris, and damaged property still cover parts of Northern Iron County after a storm ripped through there more than two weeks ago.

The lack of money to repair certain areas is largely keeping the rebuilding process from getting started.

That's why the Federal Emergency Management Agency came to Iron County Tuesday.

It surveyed the damage because of its severity and the extreme costs to fix.

"Really if it's beyond the scope of local jurisdiction, and even the states that respond," said FEMA External Affairs Officer Troy Christensen.

Wisconsin Emergency Management currently believes the damage caused by the mid-July storm is around $38 million across 10 counties and Bad River Reservation. Around $15 million of that happened in Iron County.

FEMA relies on local government like the ones in Iron County to help it assess damage.

"They have sights selected so they will be showing us a lot of these sights." Said Christensen.
Those sights included multiple towns, Saxon Harbor, and crumbled highways.

This week Iron County gave its damage estimates to FEMA.

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RHINELANDER - Building a robot may seem like a pretty lofty summer camp goal, but teens in the Northwoods love the technological challenge.

It's all part of a summer camp that's heavy on science and social interaction.

13-year-old Sean Timm says the eight day robotics camp at Nicolet College mixed the best of both worlds.

"I like technology a lot more than I do outside stuff," Timm said. "It's kind of nice to have technology like drones to bring me outside. It's really fun."

Camp Instructor, Mike Wojtusik has many years of experience as a technology education teacher and robotics advisor. He wants kids to see the importance in learning these skills.

"The kids are getting experience from a mechanical engineering side, electrical engineering side, design, prototyping," said Wojtusik. "We try and cover as much as we can about the whole entire system."

Learning about robotics isn't the only thing these students do. Some of them are also exercising skills they'll need in the future.

"I think it's a great experience for them to understand what really goes on in the real world as far as a career," Wojtusik said.

Certain careers that often require teamwork.

"Challenging part is working with a team because you don't always agree on the same thing," said 12-year-old Louis Malais. "When you build a robot you do the most teamwork than I think in any other job."

As their final project, students design and build their own version of a remote control robot.

They are required to work in teams to sketch a vision, make prototypes and design a working model with aluminum.

"It's not just you know operating a piece of machinery, it's learning how that machinery is put together," Wojtusik said.

Students are piecing together machines and building future careers at the same time.

"If I were to get an opportunity to do something like this in the future, I would definitely take it," Timm said.
Throughout the course of the camp, students were exposed to prototyping, brainstorming, modeling, safety and sketching.

The last day of the robotics camp is scheduled to be Thursday, July 28.

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RHINELANDER - When people found Josephine the beagle in Forest County earlier this year, she barely clung to life. Now, a young Langlade County girl will work hard to help save Josie.

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MERRILL - A suspect died after being shot by police near Merrill.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said it was dealing with a "critical incident" at 7:15 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Later, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office told Newswatch 12 that it helped the Antigo Police Department with a high-speed pursuit.

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What We're Working OnSubmitted: 07/26/2016

- Tonight on Newswatch 12:

We'll update you on a shooting that started in Antigo and lead to a pursuit into Lincoln County where the suspect was shot and killed by police.

Plus, we'll tell you why representatives from FEMA are in Iron County where storms caused severe damage about 2 weeks ago.

We'll bring you the details on these stories and more tonight on Newswatch 12 - news from where you live.

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EAGLE RIVER - As you pull into Parsons of Eagle River, one vehicle really stands out. A bright, yellow school bus sits in front of the dealership awaiting donations.

The Fill the Bus campaign aims to collect a lot of school supplies for local children.

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