Three Hodag BMX racers take home first place at State ChampionshipsSubmitted: 08/31/2015
RHINELANDER - Three racers from the Hodag BMX Club took first place in their Division at the State Championships in Oshkosh this weekend.

No one in the club placed lower the fourth.

Coach Robbie Deede said the Hodag BMX program continues to grow better and stronger each year.
He was proud of everyone who competed this year.

"There's been a lot of effort from all these kids that went down there. You have stumbles, falls, and highs and lows. It's cool to see them continue to work towards that goal and bringing back those plates to Hodag BMX," said Deede.

Ashton Swaney, Raven Strutevant and Robbie Deede all brought home the state championship in their class.

Deede says BMX is a positive outlet for kids to get out their energy.

"Some kids can be hyper before they get to the gate. Some kids are kind of calm. But the one thing is that for a brief 30 seconds to a minute all you focus on is going around the track," said Deede.

Deede encourages anyone who is interested to come out to the tracks.

They hold sanction races on Fridays.

Story By: Katie Thoresen

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MERRILL - Merrill should get a new grandstand by next summer.

The Merrill Committee of the Whole voted on the project last week.

The project will cost $1,149,000.

The city will get insurance money from Lincoln County to pay for it.

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WISCONSIN - Hunters like to predict how the deer season will go this time of year. But the DNR is focused on working with land owners to create better habitat for deer. That could mean a more successful hunt in a few years.

It's working with public and private land owners through the Deer Management Assistance Program. The 2012 Deer Trustees report led to the creation of the program.

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ONEIDA COUNTY - The Oneida County Humane Society needs a lot of money to take care of all the animals in its care.

The shelter relies on fundraisers to help raise that money.

One of the shelter's biggest fundraiser is its Jog for the Dogs event. The run is scheduled for Saturday September 12th this year.

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EAGLE RIVER - The first-ever ATV & UTV Side by Side World Championship Derby finished up Sunday afternoon. 

Races started on Saturday and continued through the weekend. 

Spectators, racers and event staff all say they were pleased with how the event turned out.

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EAGLE RIVER - Wisconsin native Zac Zakowski won the UTV championship derby on Sunday at the AMSOIL Eagle River Derbytrack.

"Once you start doing this you can't stop," said professional UTV and ATV driver Zac Zakowski. "It's like a drug."

Zakowski started racing seriously when he was about 17 years old. The fun hobby quickly turned into a pro sport, a career and a lifestyle. He has been traveling to many different races since then, competing at the professional level.

"You kinda miss out on that stuff and you miss it but at the same time when you're doing this stuff, you don't," Zakowski said.

The sport is hard on the body and the wallet. Two years ago, Zakowski said while driving his ATV he hit a tree and tore his ACL in his knee. He was out for two seasons.

One thing almost all ATV drivers, pro or amateur, can agree on is the sport is truly a family affiar.

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my family," Zakowski said. "I mean you can walk the pits and probably almost everybody would say they do it because their family supports it and they do it as a family."

"The lifestyle is tiring because you load up the rig and the trailer to travel thousands of miles to race for an hour or two hours depending on the race," said Zakowski's mother, Linda. "Then you load back up to go home. But once you get to that site on the track you're excited and you just can't wait for things to get going."

Zakowski stopped racing for a while when his mom got diagnosed with breast cancer. Now his mother is in remission and Zakowski participates in races that raise awareness for the disease.

"He paints his whole quad pink and has stickers on it," Linda Zakowski said. 

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WAUSAU - A garage fire in Wausau early this morning will likely cost about $7,200 in damage, according to Wausau Fire Battalion Chief Allan Antolik.

Antolik said it was a 12 by 20 ft detached garage on Pleasant Street.

The Wausau Fire Department responded to the call at 1:30 a.m.

The department says the cause of the fire is undetermined.

No one was hurt. 

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WAUSAU - Wausau responders revived a man who was unconscious in his kayak late Saturday morning, according to Wausau Police Lieutenant Michael Juedes.

Juedes told Newswatch 12 some other kayakers started CPR on the man. 

Police said the man was kayaking on the Wisconsin River in Wausau.

He tipped over his kayak and went underwater.

But when he didn't come back up, other people around him got worried.

Other kayakers brought the man back up and saw he was unconscious.

A doctor and a nurse who happened to be there started CPR on the man.

They called 911.

Wausau responders were able to revive him.

The man is now at Aspirus Wausau Hospital.

Police say they don't yet know how he is doing. 

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