Machine helps local chiropractors show patient progressSubmitted: 02/10/2016
TOMAHAWK - Doctors at Hometown Chiropractic in Tomahawk used to only be able to rely on the word of their patients when making adjustments, but a new tool is helping show patients their progress.

This machine might not communicate the same way a patient would, but its beeps could reveal just how well the Hometown Chiropractic doctors' treatments are working.

"It gives us a talking point with the patient so they can kind of understand what's going on in their spine," said Dr. Grace Zuiker of Hometown Chiropractic Center.

The office bought the machine in December.

It puts six pounds of pressure on the patient's spine to give doctors a reading of tension.

"Not only with the adjustment are we affecting the function of the body, a function of the joint, but we're also affecting everything that the nervous system controls in the body, so your nervous system controls from moving your little finger to help digesting your food, and how chiropractic is effective in that," said Dr. Bobbi Voermans of Hometown Chiropractic Center.

After the initial scan, doctors use the machine head to work muscles.

The goal is to improve patient care.

"We want to make sure that we're talking about not just helping a person get out of pain, but keeping them functioning and keeping them healthy and well as they move forward in their life," Voermans said.

Story By: Anthony DaBruzzi

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