LATEST: Everest Metro Police Chief asks for prayers after officer, three civilians killed in shooting spreeSubmitted: 03/22/2017
SCHOFIELD - Shootings Wednesday afternoon at sites in Schofield, Rothschild, and Weston left people in the area stunned.  The news later Wednesday night deepened that feeling.  Four people are dead, including one police officer.

The series of shootings led from a bank, to a law firm, to a standoff at an apartment complex.

"Please keep them in your prayers and be with our officers," Everest Metro Police Chief Wally Sparks said during a Wednesday night press conference.

Sparks asked for the community's prayers just minutes after announcing four shooting deaths including one of his own officers.

Starting at around 12:30 p.m., law enforcement swarmed the greater Wausau area after shots rang out at Marathon Savings Bank and sites in Schofield, and Weston.

"He's like, 'The guy's got a gun, get inside.' We're like, 'OK!" a neighbor named Susan told Newswatch 12.

Three civilians are among the four people dead. Others living in the area didn't know what was going on when police came to their doors.

"Got a knock on the door saying get out the house," neighbor Juan Lopez said. "I grabbed my two kids, grabbed two jackets and got out."

Lopez lives at the Aspen Apartments in Weston, the last shooting scene of the day, following the shootings at the bank in Rothschild and a Schofield law firm.

"I just heard people running up and down the stairs," Lopez said. "SWAT team, I don't know what it was. People in panic."

The shootings and deaths left this community shaken. But at least, says Chief Sparks, they're now safe with the suspect in custody.

"I want the community to know there are no threats and there are no dangers out in the community," Sparks said.

Local police departments, the FBI, and the Department of Justice all assisted in the area Wednesday afternoon.

Now, Wisconsin's Division of Criminal Investigation is taking over. Police plan to have another press conference at some point Thursday.

Story By: Allie Herrera

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LAND O' LAKES - Picasso, Van Gough, and even Andy Warhol all had to start somewhere.

This month Land O' Lakes Arts displays local students' artwork in a gallery in honor of Youth Art Month. The gallery holds 112 different art pieces from students ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade.

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RHINELANDER - Northwoods students competed in a financial version of March Madness.

Three high schools came together to compete In the Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl today at Nicolet College.

This was the fifth annual Rhinelander Northwoods Regional Tournament.

The goal of the competition was to increase financial literacy around the state.

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UPDATE: Everest Metro Police Chief Wally Sparks confirmed one of his officers died and three other people were killed after a shooting with a suspect near Wausau on Wednesday.

Police wouldn't share any of the victims' names or ages, but said the suspect is in custody and no one else is in danger.

The state Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation has been called in to assist local police.  Officers did not take any questions at a brief news conference Wednesday night.  A DCI spokesman said there would be another media briefing either Thursday morning or afternoon.

At least two people were hurt in what police think was a domestic situation in the Wausau area Wednesday afternoon.  That includes a police officer, but Wausau police haven't said yet which department that officer is from or who they are.

The Rothschild Police Department said in a press release that officers were called to the Marathon Savings Bank on E. Grand Avenue around 12:30 p.m.

Officers responding to the scene found two people who had apparently been shot.  The suspect left the scene before police got there.  That led to three total scenes, including a response to what appeared to be a standoff at an apartment complex on Aspen Street and Ross Avenue in Weston.

"This is a complex, ongoing investigation involving three crime scenes and multiple victims of shootings at those locations," Wausau Police Captain Todd Baeten said during an afternoon press conference.

Several police departments from Marathon County responded to the scene.  The Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation has been called in for assistance.

This story will be updated.

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PLOVER - Police hope to find a Plover woman who disappeared last week.

Krista M. Sypher, 44, was last seen March 13.  She lives on Hoffman Drive in the Village of Plover.  She did not take her car.

Sypher's cellphone has been off since she disappeared, and she has not contacted family or friends.

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What We're Working OnSubmitted: 03/22/2017

- Tonight on Newswatch 12:

Several places in the Wausau area are on lockdown following reports of gunfire and injuries in the area. We'll take you there live and give you the latest information.

This April, school districts in both Wabeno and Tomahawk will try to pass referendums. Tonight, we talk to the Wabeno Superintendent about their proposal and discuss why Wisconsin has had better success passing referendums in the last decade or so.

And we'll show you how Northwoods students at Nicolet College participated in a financial version of March Madness.

We'll bring you the details on these stories and more tonight on Newswatch 12 - news from where you live.

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WAUSAU - For years, we didn't know what happened to Stephanie Low. She disappeared in 2010. It wasn't until 2014 that Kristopher Torgerson led police to her body in Forest County.

As of Tuesday, we still don't know exactly what happened to Low--at least according to scientists, we don't know how she died.

The forensic pathologist who did her autopsy testified in Marathon County Court Low's death was "homicide by unspecified means."

Several witnesses testified last week that Torgerson told them he stabbed and strangled Low, but the autopsy doesn't show that.

Dr. Michael Stier testified Low's body was "moderately decomposed." She was clothed and she had an ID and a key on her. Stier testified Low had a cut likely caused by a blade on the inside of her wrist.

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RHINELANDER - Many summer jobs don't pay very well and don't end up leading to future careers.  Rhinelander's paper mill is offering both: better pay and the chance at a long-term job.

The mill is looking for at least 40 to 50 people to sign up for its summer work program.  Anyone who is in or headed into a two or four-year degree can apply.  Jobs include general labor, like painting, or entry-level production jobs.  The latter offers full-time employees the chance to take vacation during the summer.

This is the first year the program will expand beyond relatives of current mill employees, due to a wealth of extra work that needs to be done.

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