Lakeland Union High School hosts annual Carols in the CommonsSubmitted: 12/05/2016

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MINCOQUA - What's the holiday season without some Christmas carols?

The third Annual Carols in the Commons at Lakeland Union High School brought together hundreds of people together Monday night.

Students in the music department got the chance to sing many songs like "Joy to the World." The newly re-named a cappella choir; the "Thundatonix" got the chance to perform.

"Well, it's just so much fun to see everyone in the audience just get that joy while we're singing to them and they're in the Christmas spirit and they're just all so happy. It's great to bring that to them," said "Thundatonix" senior Bethany Mestelle.

Learning all of these songs didn't come easy. All of the students had to practice for hours in order to be performance ready.

"A lot of students have been asked to really just take their music home and learn things on their own time and they've really been showing, you know, great initiative and responsibility by doing those things and preparing for this concert," said Choir Director Jennifer Boots.

Also participating in tonight's event were students from the Culinary Arts Program. All sixteen of them prepared food like bruschetta, garlic honey meatballs, and cookies. They also served food and kept the audience full the entire night.

Some students said this event is an opportunity to learn more about working in the real world as cooks.

All proceeds from the event will be going to a local non-profit organization.

Story By: Allie Herrera

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FLORENCE COUNTY - Federal investigators will interview employees at a Florence County sawmill in the near future.

They'll try to piece together what happened in the death of John Chitko at the Chitko Brothers Mill in Tipler last month.

The Appleton office of OSHA is in charge of the investigation. It could propose fining the company if it finds safety violations. If so, those fines would have to be imposed within six months.

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RHINELANDER - Oneida County Judge Patrick O'Melia will add a new role as Deputy Chief Judge in our northern Wisconsin judicial district.

O'Melia is one of two Oneida County Circuit Court Judges.

Marathon County Judge Gregory Huber serves as Chief Judge in the Ninth Judicial Administrative District. O'Melia will become his deputy.

The judicial district includes 12 counties in northcentral Wisconsin. O'Melia will likely represent the Chief Judge in some official functions or dealings with other agencies.

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LINCOLN COUNTY - Prosecutors often struggle to turn a "He said, She said" case into a trial.

But the Lincoln County District Attorney's Office thinks it has enough to send a Merrill Police and Fire Commission member to prison.

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RHINELANDER - The Crescent Fire Department spent years trying to find a good place for a town pavilion. It turns out the best spot was right in its own backyard.

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VILAS COUNTY - Wisconsin's recount of the presidential election began four days ago. Forest, Iron, and Price counties sped through their recount and are among six counties in the state already done. 
But some Northwoods counties only started their recount Monday. Vilas County is one of them. 

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RHINELANDER - It seems to happen every winter. The first few snowfalls of the year trigger slides, slips, and rollovers as drivers readjust to winter driving conditions. 

On Monday, a driver swerved near Rhinelander and rolled over by Highway 17, according to an officer on the scene. 

Oneida County Patrol Captain Lloyd Gauthier wants to remind drivers to be extra cautious this winter.

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LAND O' LAKES - Eric Hedberg dreams of more than a white Christmas.

"Everyone gathered around the tree watching Christmas movies, exchanging presents, taking my new niece sledding down the hill outside," said Hedberg.

This Christmas, the 17-year-old from Land O' Lakes wants his family together because this holiday is one that, six months ago, he wasn't sure if he would see.

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