A local teen finds passion in classical musicSubmitted: 09/16/2014
EAGLE RIVER - A local teen and two retirees will perform in a free classical variety concert Wednesday at 7pm at the Northland Pines High School Auditorium.

You do not need to know about classical music to enjoy the concert.

15-year-old Eddie Stevens loves music. He can play more than 15 instruments.

"If you gave me an instrument that I didn't know, I could probably figure it out in about 30 minutes," said Northland Pines Sophomore Eddie Stevens.

You can hear him play the alto sax, trumpet, oboe, and piano on Wednesday night. He plays alongside his former teacher Lorine Walters and her friend Dave Cowley.

"I had Mrs. Walters play the piano part for me while I was playing the instrument part. Dave came over and he heard what we had been playing. My grandpa wrote a cello part for him off the piano part so he could have a part to play in it," said Eddie.

The trio plays a variety of classical pieces that are shortened to appeal to all audiences. The trio will play pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Handel, and more including Eddie Stevens himself.

"Anything that we're playing, it is just shortened arrangements just to get the main idea of each song. It makes people feel certain ways and they like the feeling they get from that," said Eddie.

Eddie started playing music almost before he could walk. His grandfather taught him to play piano when he was two.

"My grandpa plays piano. And, I thought that was pretty neat and I wanted to learn that. So he taught me and a few other instruments and that's all I needed," said Eddie. "I think that it's kind of a different language. Some people communicate by writing or talking or reading like that. But, I think you can communicate by music."

His grandfather arranges most of his pieces. But, the tenth grader at Northland Pines High School also writes arrangements and original pieces.

"It really makes you think. It's probably like an author sits down and thinks about the words he is going to use and figures out what he is going to write about, that's pretty much what writing music is, but it's not words, it's notes," said Eddie.

The music Eddie plays holds power and emotion.

"I like music because it's fun. And, I think people enjoy listening to it just about as much as I enjoy playing it," said Eddie.

Story By: Jeanine Ilacqua

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Want a fresh supply of herbs all winter long?Submitted: 09/16/2014

RHINELANDER - Colder nights, means the outdoor growing season is winding down. Now is the perfect time to preserve some of your plants by moving them indoors.

Many fresh herbs can continue growing inside your house during the winter months.
Indoor herb gardens require little maintenance, but they provide you with beauty and are convenient for cooking. Herbs that thrive indoors include sage, rosemary, lemon grass and bay leaves.

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Paddling, sailing from Minnesota to DC to fight potential minesSubmitted: 09/16/2014

ASHLAND - In northern Wisconsin, it's iron ore in the Penokee Hills.

In northern Minnesota, it's copper and nickel near the Boundary Waters.

Companies across the country want to mine near different areas of wilderness.

A sailboat cruising across Chequamegon Bay into Ashland might be the most visible opposition to those Minnesota sulfide mining proposals.

"Nice sail in?" we call out to the man and woman steering the boat, garnering a positive response.

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Northwoods communities may invest more for industrial spaceSubmitted: 09/16/2014

PRICE AND ASHLAND COUNTIES - Three Northwoods communities will decide if they want to invest more for industrial space.

Park Falls, Butternut and Fifield could all add industrial space to parts of their area.

Frank Kempf, the Park Falls Economic Development Administrator, says the area is in desperate need of industrial space.

"And in fact the north industrial park here in Park Falls was full and the west industrial park had about four acres that was available for development," says Kempf.

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Area reservoirs near capacitySubmitted: 09/15/2014

ONEIDA COUNTY - Many area reservoirs can't hold much more water.

Recent heavy rains have raised water levels in many areas of the Northwoods.

This is the dam at the Rainbow Flowage in Oneida County. The flowage is only about five inches below its maximum level.

The Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company controls water levels on many bodies of water in our area.

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A small bean earns big recognition this harvest seasonSubmitted: 09/15/2014

WISCONSIN - A little bean earned 'big' recognition this harvest season.
Governor Scott Walker proclaimed September as Soybean month.

Soybeans are important to local communities and also to the state's economy.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that Wisconsin farmers will harvest a record amount of soybeans this year.
There are about 11,000 soybean farmers across the state.
The soybean is a part of our everyday life in many ways.

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Lac du Flambeau community reminisces, looks to future at Indian Bowl demolitionSubmitted: 09/15/2014

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LAC DU FLAMBEAU - Some tribal members in Lac du Flambeau felt a bittersweet sadness on Monday. However, they're excited about the cultural future of their community.

Heavy machines started demolishing the historic but run-down Indian Bowl building.

Soon, the site will become part of a new Living Arts and Cultural Center. But for many years, the Indian Bowl served as an economic and cultural center of the community.

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Woman sentenced for involvement in Forest County beatingSubmitted: 09/15/2014

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FOREST COUNTY - Prosecutors believe four people attacked a man and left him to die in Forest County woods in March. One of those people learned her sentence Monday.

April Jones reached a plea deal with prosecutors. She pled guilty to a misdemeanor for battery. The judge sentenced her to one year in jail. She will get credit for the more than five months she's already served.

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