The Natural Resources Career Workshop in Eagle River helps students explore career opportunities within the fieldSubmitted: 06/17/2018
EAGLE RIVER - A week long workshop in Eagle River shows students they're not alone in their passion for nature. Kids from all over the Midwest arrived at the Trees for Tomorrow campsite for the first day of The Natural Resources Career Workshop.

Out of towners visit the Northwoods to escape noise, and enjoy some peace and quiet. 

"I just like being out in nature instead of one of those people playing video games constantly," said 16-year-old Austin Shimeck.

The Natural Resources Career Workshop turned the benefits of visiting the Northwoods into a classroom. 

"Giving them the experience that some of these students may not have had," said Trees for Tomorrow Coordinator Vernon Gentele. 
High school students from all over the mid-west came to the camp to explore the unique environment. 

"They're here with people with similar interests and being able to see they're not the only one's going into this field," said Gentele. 

"It' just a lot more real than class room stuff. [In the classroom} there's not a lot of correlation to real life," said 17-year-old Cameron Kadlubowski. 

During the week long camp, students will learn real life lessons taught by many groups. 

"In natural resources it seems like people think it is just the DNR," said Gentele. 

Students will hear from the DNR, water quality departments and foresters.

"With this program they get to see that more falls under the umbrella of natural resources." said Gentele. 

Gentele looks forward to passing down his knowledge to students who could possibly fill his shoes one day. 

"Giving them the kind of ahh ha moment," said Gentele. 

The camp started Sunday and ends Friday. The goal of the camp is to give students a hands on experience, while showing them everything that falls under the umbrella of natural resources. 

Story By: Phylicia Ashley

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RHINELANDER - It took a local author 30 years to publish his book.Jay Woolf was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia or CLL. He decided to use his pain from the disease to help others cope.

Woolf is from Winchester, Wisconsin. He started writing the book "It IS a Laughing Matter," when he was diagnosed with cancer 30 years ago. He just finished the book last year.

"Every death joke that I knew, started coming to mind and every time it came out I realized it was helping me. If it helps me, maybe it could help somebody else," said Woolf. 

Woolf wanted to use his jokes to help people.He sells his books and also does talks at local libraries. Woolf has been in remission for about 17 years.

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Oneida County Fair fundraiserSubmitted: 06/17/2018

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RHINELANDER - The new Oneida County Fair Coordinator wants to see the fair grow and get the community fully involved.

It's Tom Barnett's first year as fair coordinator and Saturday at Pat's Tavern in Rhinelander he hosted a fundraiser.

He said he didn't have a financial goal for Saturday's event, but says every dollar is more than they had before and makes a difference.

"We really want to bring the community into the fair. We want them to be involved a lot more. With the support from the community the sponsorship, it's only going to help the fair grow bigger and better. We need that sponsorship we need the support from the community to make the fair grown and make it more successful than it has been," said Barnett.

Pixy the Clown and Ms America were two of the many guests at the event.
There was also food, drinks and raffles.

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MINOCQUA - T-shirts and running shoes are typical at a 5K race, but paws and doggy dish prizes, not so much. 

"There isn't anything like this, in this area at least," said Blue Raven Race Productions organizer Karen McCabe.

The first-ever Paws on the Run 5K was held in Minocqua Saturday to support the Northwoods Wildlife Center. 

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MINOCQUA - In just a couple months, the democratic primary will decide which party candidate will run against Governor Scott Walker.

On Saturday, five of those candidates spent time in Minocqua answering citizen's questions at a candidate forum.

Mike, McCabe, Tony Evers, Matt Flynn, Kathleen Vinehout, and Dana Wachs were all in attendance. The forum had candidates answer audience questions on education, healthcare, the environment, and economy issues. 
Organizer Jackie Cody said the event was a way to get people informed on each candidate before the democratic primary. 

"At this particular point we need to have democrats, and independents, and those who are questioning what's going on with answers before the magic date of August 14th, and this provides people with information," said Cody.

More than 100 people attended the event.

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The Rhinelander Area Chamber of Commerce will need to find a new executive director. Maggie Steffen has resigned from her position for personal reasons. In a Facebook post, Steffen thanked the people who helped her during her year and a half as director.

She also said the Chamber made many great strides during her time. When the Chamber hires a new director, he or she will be the sixth director since 2011.

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PARK FALLS - Driving through Park Falls, it's pretty clear the community is behind Chequamegon High School senior Thomas Harris. 

"We've had a lot of people reach out on Facebook and personally," said Kim Kaletka, Thomas's mother. 

Harris returned home from Milwaukee about two weeks ago, where he was being treated for cancer. 

He wasn't able to be with his friends or go to school for months, but one thing helped him through.

"Football had been his main goal the whole time that's kind of what kept him going," said Kaletka. 

Now that he's home, Thomas, who was unavailable for an interview with us and is still getting situated back at home, is getting ready for his senior season.

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PHILLIPS - Kristen Harper didn't know where her idea would lead when she came up with it last year.

But now, she's helped raise $88,000 toward a new way for kids to enjoy being outdoors in Phillips. Harper has big plans for the only splash pad in the Northwoods.

"If everything goes perfectly, we're going to be splashing this time next year," Harper said.

The splash pad will feature fountains, spigots, and falling water at its home in Elk Lake Park. When Harper saw Wisconsin Rapids' splash pad open last year, she wanted one for her hometown.

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