State increases fines for parking in handicap spots   04/23/2014
It will soon be three times more costly for drivers to park illegally in a disability parking spot in Wisconsin.
Walker signs bill prohibiting cellphone tracking   04/23/2014
Wisconsin police could not track cellphone locations without a warrant under a bill Gov. Scott Walker has signed into law.
Late start expected for farmers   04/23/2014
Some farmers get ready to plant new crops around this time of year.
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Home sales on the rise in the Northwoods   04/23/2014
Home sales fell in the state of Wisconsin
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Kids learn about hospital    04/23/2014
Hospitals can sometimes scare kids and even many adults.
Outside agencies will investigate officer related deaths   04/23/2014
Police departments in Wisconsin will now need to hire an outside agency to investigate deaths that happen in their custody.
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Army tank on the way    04/23/2014
You can find an Cobra helicopter outside the VFW in Hurley. They use the machine as a symbol to honor veterans. Now another Northwoods community plans on using war machine to honor veterans.
The ingredients for a harsh winter   04/23/2014
The Northwoods fought through itís snowiest and coldest winter on record.
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Library requests bids for expansion   04/23/2014
A library in the Northwoods met their fundraising goals for a new addition.
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Proposed scenic byway takes step forward with planning meeting   04/23/2014
You can drive along plenty of scenic stretches of roads across Northern Wisconsin.
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Packers to open NFL schedule at Seattle    04/23/2014
"Fail Mary" rematch on Newswatch 12
Lakeland girls soccer, Antigo baseball earn victories   04/22/2014
Several Northwoods teams finally able to begin games at home
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Maldonado suspended five games for Easter punch   04/22/2014
Gomez, two Pirates players also suspended
Packers running back makes visit to Rhinelander   04/21/2014
DuJuan Harris meets and greets with fans
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