NORA committee putting finishing touches on 18-hole disc golf course, recreation areaSubmitted: 08/20/2018

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TOWN OF NEWBOLD - Walking on top of the cap of an old landfill, Jackie Cody could see her dream coming true, almost as clearly as her bright orange disc she tossed around.

"This is a spectacular use, I think, of recycling land," Cody said.

Cody and her husband Pete showed off the specially printed "Rookery Run" disc golf equipment, which will come in handy for a grand opening ceremony this fall, about four years after the duo hatched the idea.

"We wanted a more open course, a bigger course," Cody said.

The Codys, who started playing disc golf about 15 years ago, always wanted a course between Rhinelander and Minocqua. They helped form the Newbold Outdoor Recreation Committe, then teamed up with the Town of Newbold and Oneida County to secure the 34 acres of land along Ole Lake Road.

It took volunteers more than 2,600 hours to cut and clear land and lay concrete over the last three years. The group fundraised about $42,000 and did much of the work themselves. Pete Cody estimates hiring a contractor to do the job would've cost more than $300,000.

Next month, they'll host a "soft" opening, asking anyone who plays what they like and don't like about the 18-hole course.

"There will be some minor changes that we think will have to be made," Cody said. "That's just part of getting it broken in."

The scenic course surrounded by many different kinds of trees offers Monarch butterfly "waystations," which provide milkweed homes for the insects. Cody also hopes to turn rusted old metal from the dump that dots the landscape into sculptures. She's proud that just about everything about the course focuses on recycling and getting people back into nature.

"I think it's just a 'wow' reaction because it is a great mix of the forest and the use of the forest," Cody said of her reaction to the progress.

Pete Cody, the NORA Committee Chairman, originally hoped to open the course and surrounding nature trails in late 2017, but there were challenges like getting DNR permits that stretched things into 2018.

"Because I was probably a little bit naive, I was thinking two years [to get this all done,] but I was wrong," Cody admitted.

The Codys stayed determined and busy. They just recently helped make larger landing areas and completely rebuilt the 17th fairway. Now, as the opening days approach, they're ready to see how big of an impact their recreation area that's free for everyone has on places well beyond Newbold.

"Anything that depends on people to come in to spend money, I think, this will be a plus for them," Pete Cody said. "This is a championship tournament course."

The soft opening will be Saturday, Sept. 15 starting at 9 a.m. There will be maps available for anyone who wants to play and offer their opinions on the course.

The grand opening is set for Saturday, October 6.  The Rookery Run-emblazoned discs will be for sale at a cost between $18-$20. 

Story By: Lane Kimble

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RHINELANDER - Rhinelander Area food Pantry General Manager Jane Motowski sees firsthand how many families struggle to feed their kids.

"It's hard times. Money is tight," said Motowski. About the third of the people who go through [the pantry] are children."

Motowski said that struggle increases during the school year.
"It's a lot of food and a lot of work," said Motowski.

Every year, Motowoski reaches out to companies to help with the 'Weekend Food for Kid's' backpack program.

"The 'Weekend Food for Kids' is an awesome thing to give to," said Trig's Store Director Don Theisen.

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Kirker 'still in the wind'Submitted: 08/20/2018

CRANDON - Police still don't have Crandon's Patty Kirker in custody.

She skipped a court appearance last month in Texas. That was after skipping her sentencing hearing in Forest County in May.

Forest County District Attorney Chuck Simono said Monday she's "still in the wind."

Earlier this year, a jury convicted Kirker of helping an inmate sneak narcotics into the Forest County Jail. After the trial, Kirker didn't show up to her sentencing hearing. Police later found her trying to cross the Mexican border at Laredo, Texas.

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WISCONSIN - Expect to see extra publicity on teen dating violence in the Rhinelander area soon.

The "Dare 2 Know" campaign is targeting local movie theaters, radio ads, and social media.

One in five teens experience abuse in a dating relationship, according to End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, the group organizing the program. The group used input from teens to craft the campaign.
"We're making sure that it really is a youth-led and youth-driven effort. We are really just the conduits for a lot of that energy and creativity," said End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin Associate Director Tony Wilkin Gibart

End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin says obsessive or controlling behavior, especially using technology or social media, is common in teen dating violence situations.

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RHINELANDER - Supper clubs often come to mind when thinking of Northwoods dining. Many have been around for decades, but new dining options in Rhinelander have nothing to do with supper clubs.

With a new restaurant on the way and others expanding or switching ownership, there will be plenty of changes among Rhinelander's restaurants.

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BAYFIELD - Commercial fishing operations near the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior are reporting record numbers of whitefish and a strong recovery of lake trout since a decline in the early 2000s.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports that Craig Hoopman of Lake Superior whitefish told the state's Natural Resources Board that he's seeing record numbers of young whitefish and a strong rebounding of lake trout numbers.

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CHICAGO - Strong winds are causing life-threatening waves on lake Michigan.

The winds are causing high waves to slam against the break walls on Lakeshore drive. That's an area where swimming isn't allowed, especially today.

Winds are picking up all morning long, and the waves are different depending on where you are along Lake Michigan.

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MADISON (AP) - Wisconsin has recorded its first human cases of West Nile virus this year.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services says the case was confirmed in a Dane County resident.

Health officials are advising Wisconsin residents to continue protecting themselves against mosquito bites.

The department says the majority of human West Nile cases in the state happen in August and September.

West Nile virus is spread to people through the bite of an infected mosquito and is not transmitted person to person.

The state documented its first human infections from West Nile in 2002. Last year, 51 cases of West Nile infection were reported among Wisconsin residents.

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MILWAUKEE - Heavy rains that flooded a section of Interstate 43 in the Milwaukee area left several motorists stranded.

The North Shore Fire Department responded to the scene Friday morning to help motorists, some of whom were sitting atop their flooded cars. Four people had to be rescued, and two others got out on their own.

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