Construction underway for water-bottling plant in MareniscoSubmitted: 09/28/2016
MARENISCO - The saga of a potential Northwoods water bottling plant may end in the Upper Peninsula.

Throughout the year, plans to build a water-bottling plant--first in Minocqua, then in Presque Isle--failed.
But the plant popped up again in Marenisco, Michigan.

"We're all just happy it's here," said Marenisco Township Chairman Richard Bouvette. "We're pretty excited Presque Isle turned it down."

Back in June, the Presque Isle Town Board voted against building a plant in town. Several business partners, including T. A. Solberg Company, Inc., proposed building the plant at the intersection of County Roads B and W. The water would have come from a non-high-capacity well on the Carlin Club property a few miles down the road. 

But many townspeople did not want a plant right in the heart of Presque Isle. 

"People come to Presque Isle because they want peace and serenity," said Carlin Lake Association Vice President Ramona Kubica after the June town board vote. "Certainly we want our town to survive, but it needs to be the right kind of business." 

But it seems to be the right kind of business for the town of Marenisco.

"We'll take it if they don't want it," Bouvette said. "We're badly in need of employment in the area. We have very few jobs."

The town has about 800 people, and it basically has one main employer: Ojibway Correctional 
Facility just south of town. 

A spokesperson for T. A. Solberg Company, Inc., said the plant will employ about eight to 10 people, at least at first, when they hope to start in December. 

The water will still come from Presque Isle--from the non-high-capacity well on the Carlin Club property, which is near Carlin Lake. The spokesperson said the water from the well does not come from Carlin Lake. It comes from an aquifer in the ground. 

Still, some people in Presque Isle are concerned about how taking water from the well will affect the155-acre lake. 

Stephen Ales, the deputy program director of the drinking water and ground water program with the state DNR, said the only way to determine the effect is by conducting a full hydro-geologic investigation. The owner of the well would have to contact a water specialist to get that done. 

Story By: Stephanie Haines

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STATEWIDE - City, county, and town leaders hope you Turn Out for Transportation Thursday night.  Seventy-one of the state's 72 counties will hold public forums for people to learn more about the state's transportation budget.

The idea for the forums comes from the "Just Fix It" campaign, which many counties have supported to encourage state lawmakers to find a better way to pay for roadwork.

You can find the location and time for your county's meeting via the link below.

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EAGLE RIVER - Highway workers do a dangerous job, working alongside traffic with very little protection.  A new state law could make their jobs a little safer.

A handheld cellphone ban for work zones starts statewide Saturday.  Drivers will not be allowed to make or answer phone calls while in work zones unless they use Bluetooth or some sort of earpiece.

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LINCOLN COUNTY - In the Northwoods, plenty of families sell organic eggs from their small farms. But a new chicken farm near Gleason takes production to a different level.

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FLORENCE - In Florence County, more people work in forestry-related jobs than in any other industry.

"It's unbelievable, the way I put it," said logger Jaden Streu. "There are a lot, a lot of jobs and a lot of people that are retiring."

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MADISON - Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials have pushed back the release of updates to their chronic wasting disease plan until this spring.

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MADISON - Damage caused by flooding in Wisconsin already is getting close to $10 million dollars.

Wisconsin emergency management workers provided the estimate on damage to homes, businesses and public infrastructure.

In an update Tuesday night, the State Emergency Operations Center put the damage to homes and businesses at over $1.6 million dollars.

Damage to public infrastructure, including roads, bridges and trails, has reached over $8 million dollars.

The numbers should go higher, as some counties are still not reporting.

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APPLETON - Disability rights advocates say the death of a Wisconsin teenager who was allowed to end treatment of her incurable disease was an injustice.

The Post-Crescent reports that 14-year-old Jerika Bolen died last week after drawing national attention for her decision to end a lifelong fight against a progressive disease that left her mostly immobile and with severe, chronic pain.

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MANITOWOC - The U.S. Coast Guard says the body of a missing sailor may have been found on a beach in Manitowoc County.

The body was found Tuesday near private property near the town of Clover, south of Manitowoc. A medical examiner is at the beach, which is blocked off.

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