Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has first game back after missing 7 gamesSubmitted: 12/18/2017

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RHINELANDER - Though the Packers lost against the Lions Sunday, some fans could see a silver lining.

Sunday was Quarterback Aaron Rodgers first game back after a collarbone injury caused him to miss the past seven games.

Dozens of fans watched the game today at Bucketheads in downtown Rhinelander.

While things weren't looking great for the Packers towards the end of the third quarter, at least one fan was still excited to see Rodgers on the field. 

"I think it's great to see him playing again… his shoulder's not quite healed yet but I think he looks good, it's great to see him back in the game," said Dennis McGinnity. 

Later on in the show Mark Spillane will have the game's highlights, and some postgame reaction.

Story By: Newswatch 12 Team

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RHINELANDER - Shop with a Cop allows community kids to get to know some first responders on a more personal level. 19 kids got the chance to do just that during this weekend's event.

The third graders are selected based on if they have a financial need, have good behavior in school, or if they have possibly met first responders in a serious situation before.

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CRESCENT - Some people decided to bring their snowmobiles and ATV's out on the ice a little too early this season.
One man had to recover two of those vehicles after they sunk in lakes.
Tom Quandt own Bull Dog Off Road Removal. He got his first recovery call of the season Saturday, and a second Sunday.
He says getting two calls in two days is abnormal and that it's too early to bring vehicles out on water.

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RHINELANDER - Most families decorate one tree for Christmas.
However, a Rhinelander couple decorates more than two dozen trees for their home.
"Just got carried away every time there was a sale I'd pick up more," said Christmas Tree collector John Knudsen.
The couple started filling every inch of their home with Christmas trees during the holidays.
"They think I'm crazy, which I am," said John's wife Roylene Knudsen.

 The tradition started 14 years ago with two trees,then another.
 " This year we ended up with 13 trees," said Roylene.

Roylene got the idea of using as many trees as need to showcase their memories from a neighbor.
Each tree lights up with its own identity. The Knudsen's capture moments of their past with limbs on their Nascar tree, fiber optic tree, memory tree and more.
"I've talked to people who have been here eight nine years ago and they say ugh we just had to come back," said John.

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TOMAHAWK - A dance group in Tomahawk gets a second opportunity to show thousands of people what small town dancers can do. The Tomahawk Dance Team will perform at the Liberty Bowl half time show in Memphis In two weeks.
"We get to go out with a bang," said 17- year- old dancer Emma Gane.
At the end of the year seniors Emma Gane and Morgan Dischen will walk away from the dance team that brought them together four years ago.

"It's emotional to think about how fast things have gone," said Dischen.
However, first they'll step on stage in front of more than 60 thousand people.
"It's taking girls from this small town and putting them on this national platform," said Tomahawk Dance Team Coach Marina Olson. 

On December 30 the 11 girls on the Tomahawk Dance team will perform during the Liberty Bowl Halftime Show in Memphis Tennessee.
"It's just going to be different from our everyday small town life," said first year dance team member Semra Marquardt.

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LA CROSSE - A jury in La Crosse County found a man guilty of fatally beating his wife and trying to conceal her death by staging a car accident.

The jury deliberated more than nine hours before finding Todd Kenhammer guilty of first degree intentional homicide, according to the Lacrosse Tribune .

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ODANAH - The fatal shooting of a 14 year old boy by a sheriff's deputy on a northern Wisconsin reservation has renewed discussions over whether the tribe should be policing itself.

Eighth-grader Jason Pero was killed by an Ashland County deputy about a month ago outside his home on Bad River Band reservation.

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MADISON - Leaders of a new bipartisan task force tackling ways to improve Wisconsin's much-maligned school funding formula are realistic about chances any changes will be made.

The panel that met for the first time Thursday is the latest in a long line of groups that have studied ways to improve the formula.

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BUFFALO COUNTY - Authorities in western Wisconsin have identified two family members who died in a mobile home fire.

30 year old Douglas Shawley and 2 year old Genevieve Shawley died when fire swept their home in the Buffalo County community of Buffalo City on Tuesday.

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