Perfect for the holidays- Northwoods woman donates kidney to friend Submitted: 12/17/2014
SUGAR CAMP - You might find all the joy you need this Christmas between two best friends.

Jean Neumann and Patty Bonack fit together like two pieces of a puzzle.

They've shared a friendship for four years, but now they share something else.

Neumann found out she needed a kidney transplant in May.

"It was [hard] to, balance the idea that you needed one, it was the idea of are you going to run out of time? Before you can either have a transplant or you can have a diseased kidney or you're getting to close to dialysis," Neumann explained.

Neuman's pastor put a note on their church bulletin in St. Germain.

A few people wanted to help, but Patty was a perfect match.

"I just knew in my heart that I was going to be the one to donate," Bonack said.

"I said, 'Patty, just because you went through the evaluation doesn't mean anything,'" Neumann joked. "Patty said, 'No, no, no, no, I know it's going to be me. It's going to be me. I already checked and there's an opening for surgery sometime in November. But I don't think I'll do that one, because my husband needs to go duck hunting.'"

Patty let her husband hunt.

She scheduled surgery for December 3rd in Madison.

She had one idea for how to pass the time.

"She starts baking. I'm not talking 3 dozen cookies, more like 900. And she has them all packaged and stuff and by the time we go down for the transplant, she'd give so much to the transplant team and so much to the nurses etc. So everybody was wired on sugar before they took care of us," said Neumann.

The surgery went well. The new kidney started working immediately after surgery.

"As far as the health of the kidney goes, my surgeon was supremely happy. He said that it's very, very healthy," said Neumann. "It's a big, big, big early Christmas gift."

"For me, it's just, seeing the tears. The smile, and knowing that she's feeling so much better now than she used to be," said Bonack.

The duo knows there will be plenty of laughs for years to come.

"UW-Madison did 300 transplants this year. And I'm one," said Neumann.

"We're one," Bonack corrected.

Bonack hopes to write a book about organ donation.

Both of them want to spread the word about organ donation.

They say you can register online to be an organ donor at www.YesIWillWisconsin.com.

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Story By: Hayley Tenpas

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After Wisconsin deer harvest fall, Upper Peninsula numbers plummetSubmitted: 12/17/2014

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UPPER PENINSULA - The deer harvest during the gun season fell more than 15 percent in Wisconsin from a year ago.

In the Upper Peninsula, the drop was even worse.

Early results show the deer harvest in the U.P. was down 30 to 40 percent compared to 2013.

Registrations at some check stations dropped as much as 60 percent during the 16-day season in late November.

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Grant pays for high school students to get welding diplomas while in high school Submitted: 12/17/2014

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PHILLIPS - Some Northwoods companies need more skilled workers.

A local technical college got a grant this year to help train people to fill welding jobs.

The grant pays to send high school students to Northcentral Technical College in Phillips and Wausau.

Ten high school students from Price and Taylor counties travel to NTC in Phillips three days a week.

"They will be graduating from Northcentral Technical College with their degree in Gas Metal Arc Welding and it will probably be about a week before they graduate high school," says NTC Phillips Dean Bobbi Damrow.

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$30 million expansion part of Phillips-Medisize growth planSubmitted: 12/17/2014

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PHILLIPS - A high level employee at Phillips-Medisize Corp., based in Hudson, WI, calls the company's $30 million announced expansion part of the group's growth plan. VP/GM Global Commercial Division at Phillips-Medisize Rob Werge says the company's medical and consumer product lines are also growing.

The company has annual sales of nearly $600 million with around 75% of the total revenue coming from drug delivery, medical device and diagnostic products such as: disposable insulin pens, glucose meters, specialty inhalation drug delivery devices, single use surgical devices and consumable diagnostic components, according to company data.

Phillips-Medisize employs 285 people at its Phillips facilities, 1,400 people throughout Wisconsin, and more than 3,400 people at 14 locations throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico and China.

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Study: Lincoln County professional departments well trained in hazardous materials, volunteer departments need workSubmitted: 12/17/2014

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MERRILL - Would responders in Lincoln County know how to best handle a hazardous material spill in their area?

It might depend on where that spill happens.

A study for a county committee found a big gap in how prepared certain departments might be to handle hazardous materials.

For the most part, professional fire departments and law enforcement are trained well to respond.

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Flood warning extended in Menominee CountySubmitted: 12/17/2014

KESHENA - A flood warning in the Menominee County community of Keshena will now be extended until Friday.

Yesterday, the water got high enough to close a highway.

The Department of Transportation closed down parts of Highway 47 and 55 due to the flooding yesterday.

The Menominee tribe says the water had risen two inches above the centerline - creating a safety hazard.

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Medical College of Wisconsin to do concussion studySubmitted: 12/17/2014

MADISON - The Medical College of Wisconsin will help study concussions for the Defense Department.

The school got a four-year federal grant of more than 5-million dollars.

Concussions have become common injuries on battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in professional and youth sports.

The study will initially include about 900 athletes from 10 local high schools and two local colleges.

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Wisconsin ranked as 12th highest taxedSubmitted: 12/16/2014

MADISON - A new analysis finds that Wisconsin is the 12th highest taxed state in the country and third highest in the upper Midwest.

The nonpartisan Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance said that was based on Census data on tax collections Tuesday. It analyzed the tax data as a percentage of personal income.

The data shows that Wisconsin moved from 13th worst in 2011 up one spot to 12th in 2012, the most recent year available.

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Wisconsin Supreme Court to take up some Governor Walker related John Doe casesSubmitted: 12/16/2014

MADISON - The Wisconsin Supreme Court has agreed to hear three cases stemming from a John Doe investigation of fundraising and spending by Gov. Scott Walker's campaign and conservative groups backing him.

The court on Tuesday accepted a legal challenge from two targets of the probe; a separate lawsuit from those two targets and another; and an action by special prosecutor Francis Schmitz to try to reinstate subpoenas that were quashed by the judge overseeing the investigation.

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