Hidden in plain sight: High Point Village Resort Submitted: 10/06/2015
OGEMA - The fall colors brighten up our area this time of year.

High Point Village Resort sits right on Bass Lake in Ogema It overlooks Timm's Hill. The hill is Wisconsin's highest geographical point, with an elevation of 1951.5 feet.

"This time of year is the busiest," said High Point Village Resort owner Kathy Blomberg. "People are coming for the colors."

Blomberg and her husband bought the property in the '90s. They opened up a little coffee shop eight years ago. 

"We opened up a room in my home, then more people came, then we had to take sofas out of the living room, then we built on, then we built on," said Blomberg.

Now the resort serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It attracts people from across North Central Wisconsin. 

"Pure pleasure, it really is.," said guest Larry Anderson. "Because the attitude of the owners, the quality of food. "Everything about it makes it enjoyable—plus great friends." 

After a meal, people can head over to Timm's Hill and make their way up to the top for a great view.

"They love the view," said Blomberg. "I mean, it's a long drive here to come here. Of course the food, the view, my staff, I have great people who work for me." 

For more information about High Point Village Resort, visit the link below.

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Story By: Nolan Blair

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What We're Working OnSubmitted: 10/06/2015

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