BREAKING: Teets found not guilty on all countsSubmitted: 04/28/2017
VILAS COUNTY - 7:23 p.m.-- A Vilas County man walked free Friday night after facing sex assault charges.

After about three hours of deliberation, a jury decided Rodney Teets was not guilty of three felony sexual assault counts.

6:30 p.m. -- Rodney Teets, 36, testified in his own defense Friday, facing three counts of felony sexual assault with a dangerous weapon.  Teets cried at times, but claims the sex was never forced. 

A 19-year-old woman accusing him claims Teets assaulted her at knife point in July 2015.

Teets has never denied having sex with the woman. He admitted to the court that he cheated on his wife.

"Did she ever tell you no, stop, don't during the course of what occurred?" defense attorney Steven Lucareli asked Teets.

"Never," Teets replied.

Teets testified the sex was the result of a bet made while driving with his accuser that night. He testified he
regrets taking that bet.

"I betrayed my wife for a $20 bet," Teets said through tears.

During cross examination, prosecutors asked Teets why he brought up new details about the night in his second police interview. According to Teets, the second interview was the last interview.

"Here's the thing," Teets said. "I've been interviewed twice throughout this investigation."

Prosecutors asked Teets if he was aware at the time that the woman allegedly wanted Teets to be a donor so she could have a baby, which is what the defense pointed to in its argument on Thursday.

"After being out with your wife waiting at home, it's a good idea to have unprotected sex with this woman who's dying to have your baby?" assistant attorney general Devra Ayala asked Teets.

"I said it hasn't been my best decision," Teets replied.

Later, Judge Leon Stenz allowed jurors to ask questions. One asked if Teets was right-handed or left-handed. Teets said he's right-handed and testified his knife never left his right side pocket that night.

When the defense called the woman accusing Teets back to the stand, she testified he held the knife in his left hand at points during the alleged assault.

Story By: Stephanie Haines

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RHINELANDER - For better or worse, drivers in Rhinelander will get an extra week to use the Davenport Street bridge.  The city's contractor for its downtown reconstruction project delayed closing the bridge for repairs to May 8th.

Crews first planned to close the bridge in mid-April, then pushed that back to May 1 due to weather.  Now, weather has further delaying the month-long repairs to the concrete decking.

This is part of a larger project to finish up the downtown reconstruction, which began in March 2016.  The city reconstructed 21 blocks, replacing underground utilities and modernizing the downtown area.

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MINOCQUA - Police officers often meet people on their worst days: after a death, crime, or other bad situations.  The Minocqua Police Department hopes some unpaid additions to their staff can help victims, families, and officers cope with those situations a little better.

The department is looking to add a team of clergy members to form a chaplain program.  The chaplains would be on call and show up to scenes when needed.  Chief David Jaeger had been considering the idea for a while when he heard about police in Oneida County using the same program.

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ANTIGO - Pushups, wall sits, and sit ups may sound like a tough workout for most of us. But dozens of kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Langlade County did that and more as part of a national fitness competition Friday afternoon.

Boys and Girls Clubs from around the country are teaming up to help kids become more active with the Nestlé's National Fitness Competition.

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Springtime snow hurts plantsSubmitted: 04/28/2017

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RHINELANDER - Plenty of people felt spring in the air with the warm weather and sunshine just a few days ago.

But anyone trying to start their gardens early saw all their work covered in snow Thursday.

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KENOSHA - A student who was stabbed at a Wisconsin high school has died from his injuries.

The 15-year-old freshman boy was stabbed Tuesday at Bradford High School in Kenosha.

The Kenosha News reports that the suspect, also a 15-year-old boy, is now being charged as an adult with second-degree intentional homicide.

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MADISON - Wisconsin hopes to cut its worst-in-the-nation student achievement gap in half within six years - a goal that would require a dramatic upsurge in test scores by non-white students.

The Department of Public Instruction set that as a primary goal in a draft accountability plan it released Friday.

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MADISON - An attorney for a Syrian man living in Wisconsin who sued over President Donald Trump's travel ban says the man has been reunited with his wife and young daughter after three years.

Attorney Vincent Levy told The Associated Press exclusively on Friday that his client's wife and daughter obtained visas and traveled from Syria to Wisconsin this week.

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MADISON - A top psychologist at Wisconsin's troubled youth prison was fired for allegedly ignoring the requests of dozens of inmates who asked for help.

Records obtained by The Associated Press show Dr. D. Jeremy John was accused in December of not following up with 26 youth inmates at the Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake prison facility.

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