Hundreds of runners participate in Weston's inaugural Run to Remember Submitted: 03/17/2018

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WESTON - Thursday will mark the one-year anniversary of the tragic Wausau-area shooting that took four lives. On Saturday, a special event remembered those who were lost.

"I want to welcome you to the first ever Run to Remember," said Bob Look, whose wife was one of the people killed in the shooting. 

Six hundred people ran in honor of Look and the other victims of the Wausau-area shooting on March 22nd last year.

"This is a great community and we can always make it better and stronger, it's why we're here, and we want to thank you for letting us make our first step in doing that," said Bob Look. 

A first step for the community, and an important one for family members still grieving.

"I really miss her a lot and like, I wish she was still with us but she's always in my heart," said Lily Sann, Sara Quirt Sann's stepdaughter. 

The families of Dianne Look, Sara Quirt Sann, and Detective Jason Weiland united through different roles during the event. Detective Weiland's daughter used her talent to kick off the event by singing the National Anthem.

Volunteers and runners wanted not only to honor the victims, but to support their families as well.

"You have a year of firsts. Of, you know, their first birthday, the first Christmas, and their last first is coming up of the actual day, it's the first anniversary, I hope they get comfort from this and knowing that everybody is here to support them," said Mary Ann Oelke, a friend of the Sann family. 

To Det. Jason Weiland's wife Kara Weiland, the event gave her comfort

"Knowing that the community is supporting us and still supporting all the victims and just has that sense of unity and that makes it easier to go into the next week," said Kara Weiland. 

As far as how those being honored would feel about the event…

"Sara was always a walker, never a runner… but I think she'd be happy the community is this tight and this supportive," said Lily Sann.

"He would be probably in shock to see all these people coming together just for him and the other victims and to honor them," said Kara Weiland. "I think he would be really blown [away with] how the support has been." 

The one-year mark reminds the Wausau area of a tragic day in the past. However, the families hope moving forward the run also reminds the community what they're capable of.

"[It's] Something for us to always remember but also that you know we rebuilt and we're a strong community," said Scott Sann, Sara Quirt Sann's husband. 

"I want it to be more of just an awareness of how powerful this community is and how well the people look out for one another," said Bob Look. 

The event raised $25,000. The money will be used to build a memorial for the four victims. 

Story By: Dakota Sherek

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WESTON - A Weston company hosted a so-called "bus-rodeo." The event served as an open house for the Lamers Bus Company.

The goal of the event is to see if people are interested in a job as a bus driver. People who visited could get behind the wheel and take a bus for a spin.

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Green beer, good food and great music made for a perfect St. Patrick's Day.

While most people wore their green clothes proudly, Mike Lamarre from Suring Wisconsin didn't get the memo.

"My eyes are green that's it," said Lamarre.

Lamarre came to Rhinelander with one thing on his to do list.

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"We noticed some movement in the car," said Headson.

They approached the small, grey sedan, which had its hood up. Then they discovered an elderly woman in the car.

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WAUSAU - Ashley Sampson and Dan Dadabo opened a business that's new to Central Wisconsin.

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The National Park Service said Friday it will make a final decision in 30 days, after the public has had an opportunity to review a new environmental statement that endorses the restoration plan.

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