The Northwoods Wildlife Center prepares for orphaned wildlifeSubmitted: 05/28/2015
MINOCQUA - Northwoods Wildlife Center will see a lot of orphaned wildlife this spring. This is the birthing season.

The center could use your help preparing for the babies.

"It's springtime so all of our baby animals come in cycles. We usually start off with a bunch of cottontails. Then, we get a lot of squirrel species. Then, of course, raccoons, and fawns as well," said Advanced Wildlife Rehabilitator Amanda Walsh.
Right now is birthing season for a lot of animals.

"We are their caregiver, especially if they are orphaned. We become their mother," said Walsh.

"Donations are something you kind of depend on here. We don't always have the funds to get it ourselves. It's something we definitely depend on the public for and that we appreciate," said Assistant Wildlife Rehabilitator Amanda Knoll.

The center needs a lot of supplies to care for the wildlife.

"Things that we really do need right now are one millimeter droppers, we use those to feed the squirrels and other animals," said Walsh. "Daily things we always use are 13 gallon trash bags with drawstrings as well as hand soap and paper towels."

If you see an animal you think needs help, you should call a wildlife caregiver.

"If you do have an animal question about whether the behavior you're seeing is normal, give us a call first," said Walsh.

"Often times people think they're abandoned but they can still go back to their mother and help reunite them. Other times, make sure you're not feeding or watering them. Unfortunately, those animals aren't always being fed things that they should be fed. And, that could have a lot of negative effects on them," said Knoll.

"Does and raccoons are better moms than we are. If we can have them stay with their mom if they're not truly orphaned, than that would be the best thing for them," said Walsh.

You can drop items at the Northwoods Wildlife Center or at First Merit Bank in Minocqua. Here is a list of items needed:
•Disposable shoe covers
•1 ML droppers (new in package)
•Live minnows (call first)
•Fleece or soft blankets
•Clean stuffed animals (no mechanics, hard plastic, or beads)
•Batteries (AAA,AA, D)
•Brown colored Vet-Wrap
•Paper towel rolls
•Liquid Hand-soap (especially large refill containers)
•Bird perches (small and large)
•Deer Pellets
•Fine mesh netting
•Latex gloves (size M or L)
•Distilled water
•Mixed bird seed (red and white millet seed, sunflower seed, milo, bird gravel, thistle)
•Alfalfa hay
•Timothy hay
•Timothy hay dried pellets for rabbits
•Innovaฎbrand kitten food (dry)
•Dried egg white
•Unsalted nuts (hazelnuts, acorns, walnuts, peanuts, pecans, almonds)
•Fresh Produce (fruits and veggies)
•Fresh eggs
•Rolled Oats
•Suet and suet feeders
•Sisal rope (of varying diameters)
•Large, solid colored storage tubs
•13 or 55 Gallon Garbage bags
•Gift Cards (Walmart, Trigs, SaveMore, Ace Hardware)

Story By: Jeanine Ilacqua

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Public input from spring fish and game hearings showed support for the changes.

New panfish limits will go into effect next year for the lakes in the study.

Many of those lakes are in Northern Wisconsin.

The rules will stay in place for ten-years, unless the natural resources board takes further action.

The goal is to increase the size of panfish on lakes that have high growth potential.

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68-year-old Dennis St. John of Hurley was driving the minivan when he struck Stempa.

The Shawano County Highway Department had been doing road work in the area.

That's on Highway 47 near the Menominee Indian Reservation.

The Wisconsin State Patrol is in charge of the investigation.

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