Woman rescued by DNR after she spent days stuck in her carSubmitted: 03/16/2018

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FOREST COUNTY - A DNR technician went to check on timber sales in Forest County on Thursday. In between checks he found what he thought was an abandoned car in the woods. It turned out to be a woman stuck in the snow for a few days.

Jason Headson and his partner Sam were out checking on timber when they saw a parked vehicle.

"We noticed some movement in the car," said Headson.

They approached the small, grey sedan, which had its hood up. Then they discovered an elderly woman in the car.

"She definitely seemed scared and very relieved to see us," said Headson.

The woman told Headson she had been in her car for a few days. She was an artist and she had driven into the woods to find some trees to draw.

"She was stating how beautiful the area was and that she wanted to capture that," said Headson.

Headson immediately called first responders and his partner gave the woman a sweatshirt.

The woman told Headson she only had cookies to eat. It didn't appear that she had a cell phone.

"This is probably one of the craziest things I've come across out in the woods," said Headson.

Her car was stuck in the ice and snow. Headson said it looked like she tried to start a fire nearby.

"I don't know if [she] was scared or maybe not prepared. It's been pretty cold at night up here and when you get back to some of these remote roads it seems like you're a long way away from civilization even though it's really not too far." Said Headson.

The woman was about five miles from Highway 8.

The ambulance took her to the hospital. The Sheriff's Office confirmed that she is ok.

Headson said he was happy he found the woman because people rarely visit the back roads in the winter.

"We were out doing our job and, you know, we just helped a lady who happened to be stranded," said Headson.

The road she was found on is called Northwoods Road. It is not plowed in the winter and is normally only used by loggers.

Story By: Fitzgerald, Maggie

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